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Code Vein DLC 3 V1.51 Patch Update

Patch Ver.1.51 was released to fix the following bug.

< PlayStation®4/Xbox One/STEAM®>

  • Players who got “Asclepius’s Vestige I” on Patch Ver.1.30, Ver.1.31 or Ver.1.40 are not able to get “Asclepius Vestige Part F” after defeating Queen’s Vanguard Puppet in Depths: Eternal Abyss, which results in boss area not available.

“Asclepius Vestige Part F” is now available. You may defeat Queen’s Vanguard Puppet again once Patch Ver.1.51 is installed.

  • Fixed a bug where specific effects of Boss: Lord of Thunder in Depths: Eternal Abyss are not displayed correctly to the guest player on multiple player mode.

Code Vein DLC 3 & Patch V1.50

DLC 3 for PlayStation®4/Xbox One/STEAM® has been released on March 25th, 2020.

Confront a Horror of the Great Collapse, the “Lord of Thunder.” A Horror of the Great Collapse, the “Lord of Thunder,” which utilizes lightning attacks appears.

– The “Lord of Thunder” specializes in lightning and can enhance itself with lightning energy amplified inside its body.
– Dodge severer attacks as it enhances itself and smash it with a full-power swing.
> The “Lord of Thunder” upgrades itself up to three times as its color changes
Receive Rewards by Completing “Horror Hunting Trials” – You can receive the following by fulfilling designated requirements during the battle against the “Lord of Thunder.” Check requirements to fulfill in Horror Hunting Trials that will give you rewards you want and defeat the Horror.
Jack/Eva: Dark Ver. Alternate Ver. – You can explore with a partner in a costume that differs from the standard one.
“Váli,” a blood code patterned after the power of the “Lord of Thunder – A blood code with power inherited from the “Lord of Thunder.” The code has a powerful lightning Gift and a fast-move Gift.

– The code also enables the player to move with reckless abandon; move a long distance in a moment and smash foes with wide-range attacks.

*The player can learn a gift that is deficient through receiving rewards by completing “Horror Hunting Trials.”
Orion Core Fragment – The player can obtain a high dexterity and mind-focused blood code, “Orion,” by receiving Orion Core Fragment.
– This blood code is optimized for ranged combat and enables the player to shoot powerful projectile attacks that deal piercing damage.
Weapons, Blood Veils affected by “the Lord of Thunder” – In the 3rd DLC, three (3) types of new weapons can be obtained.
– One-handed sword, Bayonet and Halberd are all affected by “the Lord.” Charged Attack can add the lightning element to these weapons.

There are three (3) types of Blood Veils. Each has great abilities with high Elemental Defense and Stat Scaling.
Face Paint – You can obtain new items such as accessories that were designed with the blood code (as its motif) obtainable in the 3rd DLC
– In addition to face paints and accessories designed with Jack/Eva icons, blood codes and other stuffs as its motifs.
New Depths Map: the “Eternal Abyss.” – Added a gloomy valley part of the depths with tree roots stretching everywhere.

Be ready for an attack at any moment and explore because the guile Lost are hiding behind giant roots covering rock walls.
Keep going while watching out surroundings in order to search suspicious areas. There are many places you might fail to notice such as a poor-footing higher ground or a path hiding under roots.

*After purchasing the DLC, you can find the map for the depths of the “Eternal Abyss” in the room added to the hallway connecting to the provisional government outskirts from the Crypt Spire.
*During a 2nd or subsequent playthrough, the player can examine a note added nearby Davis at the base and head for the room added to the hallway beyond the Crypt Spire boss area, without completion of the “Crypt Spire.”
Items Obtainable during Exploration– Perseus Core Fragmnet

– You can obtain a blood code, Perseus, which has high “willpower” and “mind” by repairing the Perseus Core Fragment.
It specializes in both light and dark Gifts. The player can learn useful offensive skills regardless of distance.
Asclepius Vestige Part – You can use a new Gift of the blood code, “Asclepius,” by repairing the “Asclepius Vestige Part.”
– It also reveals one of memory echoes of a Successor who sealed Horrors.

Purchasing all DLC packs can reveal all of the “memory echoes,” and the player can learn the last Gift, “Zero Recast.”

Update Ver.1.50 for PlayStation®4/Xbox One/STEAM® has been released on March 24th, 2020.

System Added You can now replay event cutscenes that you have seen in the past at “Hot Spring” inside the base.
– After entering Hot Spring, you can replay event cutscenes that you want to see by pressing “Watch Memory” in “Look Back on Past Memories.”

During a 2nd or subsequent playthrough, you can now go to “depths” of charged downloaded contents without completion of the “Crypt Spire.”
– After the player examines a note added nearby Davis who is at the base, the map for the depths of charged downloaded contents can be found in the room added to the hallway beyond the Crypt Spire boss area.
to Photo
– Added a new feature that applies the player’s “mask display settings” to your partner.
– You can now take a photo of facial expressions of your partner during exploration and battle scenes.

A new real-time mode has been added to Photo Mode.
You can now adjust photo timing more easily by switching the existing “Stationary Mode” and “Real-Time Mode” during Photo Mode.
Added an option that specifies the Pose of the player and his/her partner.
After entering Photo Mode, you can view the player’s Pose by choosing one among Gesture motions.
You can also specify the motion of your partner.

You can now enter Photo Mode during multiplayer.
Please enjoy taking photos with other revenants.
* Photo Mode during multiplayer is always in “Real-Time Mode.”

Added new photo frames and Special Effects.
Content Added Added new gestures.
Other InformationYou can now sit on the piano bench inside the base.
You can play the piano by pressing controller buttons while sitting on the bench.

– Fixed a number of bugs and Issues

CODE VEIN DLC 2 ‘Frozen Empress’ Available Now!

DLC 2: Frozen Empress Contents Introduction

Challenge “Frozen Empress” of the Great Collapse Horror

Frozen Empress of the Great Collapse Horror controls ice-elemental attacks with their cold iron armor.
2 crystals accompany the empress, occasionally triggering advantageous support effects.
Block the “crystals’ support” using weapons and Gifts to successfully battle the Frozen Empress.

Clear the “Horror Hunting Trials” to obtain your Bonus

The following bonuses can be acquired by fulfilling conditions during the battle against “Frozen Empress”. Check the achievement conditions for more information on how to unlock your bonus.

Bonuses of the “Horror Hunting Trials”

Mia & Yakumo in Dark version, Another version
3 color variations are available for Another Version costumes.
Venture forth with your partner wearing a different costume!

Mia in Dark version, Another version:

Yakumo in Dark version, Another version:

Blood Code “Ymir”

Blood Code “Ymir” reproduces the power of the Frozen Empress.

It contains strong ice-elemental Gift like the Frozen Empress.
Gift ‘Frost Turrent’ creates a frozen condensed mass that periodically shoots out ice shards.
Gift ‘Hoarfrost Stream’ shoots freezing beams of light in all directions, sweeping down any foes in their way.
※The sealed Gifts can be unlocked by obtaining the bonus, “Ymir Frostcore” of the “Horror Hunting Trials”.

Weapons and Blood Veils affected by Frozen Empress

4 kinds of new weapons are available with DLC 2.
Bayonet, Two-handed Sword, Halberd and Hammer affected by Hoarfrost appear imbued in frigid cold. Charged attack can add the ice element to a weapon.

There are 2 kinds of Blood Veils.
Each has great abilities with high elemental defense power and stats scaling.

Face Paint

You can obtain new items such as accessories of the blood code theme available in the DLC 2 in addition to the face paints and accessories using Mia’s and Yakumo’s character icons and blood codes as motifs.

New Depth Field – “Celestial Ice Prison”

You can go into the frigid Depth made with the multi-layer structure precipices and the caves with lined by stone pillars.

Lost are awaiting inside the complex landscape. Observe the structure well and take the appropriate route to move forward. Items may be hidden in unexpected places, so it is important to advance carefully

※The map of the Depth “Celestial Ice Prison”, can be acquired in the room added in the path extending from “Crypt Spire” to “Provisional Government Outskirts”.

Items Available during Exploration

Pollux Core Fragment
Blood Code with strong vitality and strength, good with a powerful frontal assault.
Offensive blood code with strong vitality (HP) and balance, striking down enemies by force utilizing its strength.

Delivers a single strike that is highly resistant to staggering.

Usurper’s Blade

Slash at an enemy and recover HP.

Asclepius Vestige

Blood code available to obtain the Gift specialized in the support ability assisting the partner. You can see one of Memory Echoes of the Successor who sealed a horror.

Offensive Order: Temporarily lowers your defense and increases attack power for both you and your partner.

※Each DLC pack contains 1 Memory Echo.
※You can see all the “Memory Echoes” by purchasing all DLCs.

Happy Hunting! Get your DLC 2 ‘Frozen Empress’ available now on these platforms:
PlayStation Store
XBox Live
Steam Store

CODE VEIN Patch Update Ver 1.40

Thank you for playing CODE VEIN!
The following contents will be added in Patch Ver.1.40

“GOD EATER Collaboration items”
New accessories and new photo frame are added as GOD EATER Collaboration.

Added BGM from GOD EATER series into jukebox in the base.
GOD EATER – Wolf’s Howl
GOD EATER BURST – Beneath the Sun
GOD EATER 2 – Fortress of Steel
GOD EATER 2 – To the Unending Battle
GOD EATER 2 – Times of Plenty
GOD EATER 2 RAGE BURST – Remembering His Promise
GOD EATER 2 RAGE BURST – The Days We Dreamed Of
GOD EATER 3 – Deadly Voyage GOD EATER 3 – Under the Sun-

System Update
Added new option menu to make Blood Veils transparent.
It’s available in the base and dungeons. Note: Not for event scenes.
Challenge the powerful new enemy by utilizing your strongest character build.

New option menu to take masks off in character creation mode in the base.
Note: Masks are not displayed if Blood Veils are transparent.

Photo Mode update
・”Additional Adjustment” in special effects menu
・”Mask display”
・New photo frames

・Removed a few photo frames.

・Small bug fixes.

CODE VEIN DLC 1 Available Now!

DLC1: Hellfire Knight Contents Introduction

Challenge the new powerful enemy “Hellfire Knight”!

A sealed “gigantic monster”, the true enemy of the Revenants appears as a boss.

In DLC1, the Revenants are confronted by “Hellfire Knight”, who can wield fire at will.

Challenge the powerful new enemy by utilizing your strongest character build.

<Horror Hunting Trials>

Obtain bonuses by completing the conditions assigned to the “Horror Hunting Trials” during the battle against “Hellfire Knight”.

Bonuses include new partner costumes, weapons, “blood code” to use Gifts resembling the characteristics of “Hellfire Knight”, character creation items and various new items which didn’t exist in the main game.

Check the conditions and employ your best strategy to unlock the corresponding desired bonuses.

<Bonus contents example>

・Louis/Io: Dark Ver. 

・Louis/Io: Alternate Ver. 

・Weapon “Inferno Blade”, “Hellfire Hammer”, “Wrathful Balmung”

・New blood code “Surt”

・Character creation items

Explore “Fiery Oblivion”, a new field in the Depth!

New dry rocky area with many enemies to defeat.

It is possible to obtain a fragment of “Achilles”, a new blood code in “Fiery Oblivion” with various monsters.

Obtain the blood code by collecting and repairing all the fragments of the Vestige core.

“Memory Echo” of a “Successor” who sealed monsters

After purchasing DLC1, the blood code “Asclepius” can be obtained.

By repairing the “shattered Vestiges of Asclepius” which can be acquired in the Fiery Oblivion,

the memory of a “Successor” who went to seal the monsters in the distant past can be traced.

There was also Jack from the past…

※1 fragment of the Memory Echo is included in each DLC pack. The complete “Memory Echo” can be seen by purchasing all 3 DLCs packs or the Season Pass.

How to acquire the “map of the depths[Fiery Oblivion]” and blood code “Asclepius”

After purchasing the DLC, the blood code “Asclepius” can be acquired in a new room that appears in a corridor leading to “Provisional Government Outskirts” from the Crypt Spire.

In the same room, the “map of the depths Fiery Oblivion” can be obtained as well.

Show the map to Davis and Fiery Oblivion will appear in the depths selection menu.

CODE VEIN Available Now

SINGAPORE – 27th September 2019 -BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce that the action role-playing game CODE VEIN is released today for the PlayStation®4, XBox One and PC via Steam in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia).

Character Migration

A free Demo version was also introduced since 3rd September, available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Customized character that players have created in the free Demo version can now be transferred to the full game version. The character migration to the full game version is available in the manual provided below.

Download Manual

Launch Trailer

Watch the launch trailer: https://youtu.be/GGgTEE8CCvk

Day-1 Retail Bonus – Southeast Asia Exclusive

Fans who purchase the physical Standard, Deluxe or Collector’s Edition on Day-1 at participating retail stores can also receive an CODE VEIN Drawstring Pouch, exclusively distributed only in Southeast Asia region (while stocks last).

Please check with your local retailers on the availability of this premium as not all retailers may carry this premium.

Custom Character Design Contest

In early September, we have invited players to play the free CODE VEIN Demo launched and show us their best custom character design in the game. Many great entries were submitted and the team had a hard time to decide the top 3 winners!

We are happy to share that the Top 3 winners are finally selected and announced today! Congratulations to them!

CODE VEIN – Trial Demo Available Now!

CODE VEIN – Trial Demo Available Now!
button play

SINGAPORE – 3rd September, 2019 – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce that the PlayStation 4 and XBox One free Trial Demo for CODE VEIN is available from today for all players in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia).

The Trial Demo is the latest version with updated system and actions based on feedback received from fans who have played the ‘Network Test’ version held in May 2019. Available worldwide simultaneously, any player with a PlayStation 4 or XBox One console can play the Trial Demo for free, and seize this opportunity to experience CODE VEIN right before launch.

 (Some features of the Trial Demo have been restricted. For details, please visit the official site at https://www.code-vein.com/)

Custom Character Design Contest – Southeast Asia Exclusive!

With the opening of CODE VEIN free Trial Demo, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia welcomes all players to try the game demo and compete in a contest held on Facebook – submit their best customized character design and win exclusive CODE VEIN prizes! 3 best design will be selected by CODE VEIN Producer, Keita Iizuka. Contest details and prizes are as follows:

Access free Trial Demo: PlayStation Store | XBox Live
Contest entry submission: https://bnent.asia/CVDCCC
Contest Period: 3rd – 22nd September
Selection by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia Marketing Team: 23rd September
Selection by Game Producer: 23rd – 25th September
Winners Announcement: 27th September (Launch Day)

1st Prize
– Standard Edition of CODE VEIN game
– Exclusive Art Board of ‘Mia’ and ‘Louis’ autographed by Producer Keita Iizuka
– Exclusive CODE VEIN Bandana
– Premium Sticker Set ‘Io’ and ‘Eva’
– CODE VEIN Drawstring Bag
– A sketch art of winner’s design by character designer

2nd and 3rd Prize
– Exclusive Art Board of ‘Mia’ and ‘Louis’ autographed by Producer Keita Iizuka
– Exclusive CODE VEIN Bandana
– Premium Sticker Set ‘Io’ and ‘Eva’
– CODE VEIN Drawstring Bag

CODE VEIN Trial Demo Overview

Experience the Early Story
Explore one of the game’s early areas, the Ruined City Underground, all the way through to the boss.

Customize Your Character
Create your very own revenant using a plethora of customization options—as many as are in the retail version of the game!

Explore the Depths
Level up your character, upgrade your weapon, choose your blood code and Gifts, and then dive into this highly difficult dungeon!

Note: The content of this dungeon differs from the dungeon of the same name in the retail version.

Because this is a trial version, we do not guarantee all functionality in this trial version.

CODE VEIN – Release Date Confirmed

CODE VEIN – Release Date Confirmed
button play

SINGAPORE – 11 June, 2019 – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to confirm that the action role-playing game CODE VEIN will be releasing on 27 September, 2019 for the PlayStation®4, XBox One and PC via Steam in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia).


Along with the release date confirmation, a fifth trailer has also been revealed today showcasing the dramatic story and various characters unique to this game.



‘Bloodthirst Edition’ also known as the Collector’s Edition is also revealed today. The Collector’s Edition will contain:

  1. Collector’s Edition Box
  2. Full Game
  3. Figurine Mia Karstein
  4. Art Book “Code Vein World Report”
  5. Code Vein Original Sound Track
  6. Digital Bonus: In-game character custom parts set (3 accessories, 1 mask)
  7. Digital Bonus: In-game customization set ‘Insatiable Bloodthirst’
  8. Digital Bonus: Stamp Set


※Collector’s Edition comes with ‘Early Purchase Bonus”, “Pre-order Bonus” and “Limited Edition Bonus”.
※Contents may be changed without prior notice.
※All images shown are for illustration purpose and may differ from the actual product.
※Please be informed that due to limited quantities, it will only be available for redeem while stocks last.
※Only available at selected retailers. Please contact your local retailers for more details.


Fans who purchase the game on Day-1 at retail or digitally can also receive the following digital bonuses:


  1. “GOD EATER” Collaboration Weapon Set x 3
  2. Original PlayStation 4 theme x 2 (PlayStation 4 platform owners)
  3. Blood Veil Ogre “Venous Claw” (Male/Female Set)
  4. Digital Bonus: Stamp Set

※Contents may be changed without prior notice.
※All images shown are for illustration purpose and may differ from the actual product.
※Please be informed that due to limited quantities, it will only be available for redeem while stocks last.
※Only available at selected retailers. Please contact your local retailers for more details.
※Downloadable Bonus Blood Veil Ogre “Venous Claw” (Male/Female Set) is available for PlayStation 4/Xbox One/STEAM digital copy. Product code is valid until 28 September 2020.
※Downloadable Bonus Blood Veil Ogre “Venous Claw” (Male/Female Set) can be acquired from the Rin Murasame (weapon shop) at the base. It cannot be used at beginning of the game.
※The Product Code has validity period. (Valid until 26 September 2020)
※Downloadable bonus may be available for free at a later date.
※Internet connection is required to redeem the Product Code.
※Sony Entertainment Network Account is required for PlayStation 4. Xbox Live is required for Xbox One and Steam account is required for STEAM.


CODE VEIN – Network Test Issue

CODE VEIN – Network Test Issue
button play

CODE VEIN Network Test Issue (31 May, 2019)

An issue has been reported for the CODE VEIN network test for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Please refer to the following solutions to resolve the issue.



For multiplayer within “Depth”, guest player is able to enter the boss area despite the host player not engaging the boss. There were reports of host player being unable to proceed with story progression due to missing key story item whenever the guest player defeats the boss during their absence.

※Host player still receives experience when Boss is defeated by guest player.


  1. The guest player can use the item “Needle of Unity” to rendezvous with the host player or exit the boss area.
  2. In the event of the guest player defeating the boss without the host player, the host player will be able to revive the defeated boss either by disbanding the party or releasing the Mistle. Defeating the revived boss within the boss area again will allow the host player to obtain the key story item to proceed with story progression.
  3. The boss HP display synchronisation is an indicator of a normal boss battle. This can be achieved when the host player rendezvous with the guest player at the boss area while the boss is still alive.

※Boss HP will be synchronised between the host and guest player.
※Regardless of the damage dealt by the guest player, the boss HP will fully recover once the host player rendezvous at the boss area. For example, even if the boss is at 1 HP, it will still fully recover itself when the host player rendezvous at the boss area.

We would like to sincerely apologise to all the Network Test Beta testers for the inconvenience caused.

CODE VEIN – Underworld Trailer

CODE VEIN – Underworld Trailer
button play

Code Vein Official Trailer

Code Vein Official Trailer
button play

CODE VEIN – Featuring Vamps

CODE VEIN – Featuring Vamps
button play

The famous Japanese hard rock band VAMPS will be featured in the third-person action RPG CODE VEIN. The game will include some songs of their 4th album “Underworld” released in July 2017.

Code Vein is slated for release in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. More details on its release date will be shared later on the portal so keep an eye out!