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THE DARK PICTURES: MAN OF MEDAN – Coming Soon On 30 August, 2019

SINGAPORE — 22 May, 2019 — BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia and Supermassive Games are pleased to confirm the first installment in The Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan, will be released on 30 August, 2019 for PlayStation®4, XBox One and PC in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia).


Man of Medan will also be available with an exclusive Day 1 purchase access to the Curator’s Cut – an alternative path from a new perspective.

Unlocked after completing the game once, the Curator’s Cut (which will be made available for free to all players at a later date) provides:

  • A new perspective with alternative characters in previously played scenes
  • New decisions and choices within each scene which change the story in different ways
  • New scenes and new secrets not featured in the original playthrough

“The Curator’s Cut is different to the traditional Director’s Cut as it gives the player new ways to directly influence the story and its outcomes. Players will see and change events and relationships from the perspective of characters that weren’t under control in their first playthrough.” said Pete Samuels: Executive Producer, The Dark Pictures Anthology, Supermassive Games.

“It adds a whole new layer to how the player understands and interacts with the story in a way that’s never been done before, and we’re excited for people to experience it.”

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan will launch on 30 August, 2019, in both boxed and digital editions for PlayStation® 4, and digital edition for Xbox One and PC in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia).

MAN OF MEDAN – Halloween Trailer

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe has released a Halloween trailer for upcoming horror game Man of Medan – revealing the enigmatic character of the Curator.

About the Curator

The Curator, an omniscient voyeur of our protagonists’ progress and choices, will be played by British actor Pip Torrens (The Crown, Preacher). He joins the previously revealed cast of Man of Medan, including Shawn Ashmore (X-Men) as Conrad. Although, unlike the changing cast of each story in the anthology, the Curator will be an ever-present part of each chilling experience.

The Curator is timeless, recording stories of life and death in his own small section of a vast repository containing every story ever told. He’s been doing it for thousands of years, he supposes, but he can’t remember when he started, or whether there was ever a beginning to what he does.

But now, for reasons that he can’t quite understand, he’s been given the opportunity to talk to somebody. The Player.

He knows that there are ‘rules’. He’s not supposed to interfere, but he’s excited, and can get a little carried away. He has seen things that the player has probably missed. Important things. But he’s not permitted to tell them what these things are… directly. So, he drops hints where he feels he can, in the hope that the player will recognize his brilliance in hindsight. But don’t expect him to be straightforward. His hints can be somewhat cryptic.

“We were absolutely thrilled by the response to the announcement of The Dark Pictures in August, and we’re delighted to introduce an important character today that will be present throughout The Dark Pictures Anthology… The Curator. Voiced by Pip Torrens, you’ll see him for the very first time in our Man of Medan Halloween Trailer and he acts as a guide for the players to navigate their stories.”

– Pete Samuels, Executive Producer, The Dark Pictures Anthology, Supermassive Games.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe also confirms that Man of Medan will be voiced in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian.

The Dark Pictures is a series of stand-alone, cinematic horror games, designed to present a new, terrifying experience on a regular basis. Each game is unconnected and will feature a brand new story, setting, and new cast of characters. In Man of Medan, four young Americans set sail on a holiday diving trip, with a rumored WWII wreck to find. As the day unfolds, and a storm rolls in, their trip soon changes into something much more sinister… Who will live? Who will die?

The Dark Pictures – Man Of Medan will launch in 2019 in both boxed and digital editions for PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One and PC Digital.


The Dark Pictures – Man of Medan

PC , PS4 , XBOX One