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SOUL CALIBUR VI 2nd Character Creation Contest Winner and Patch V2.12 Details

Thank you for submitting your works to the 2nd SOULCALIBUR VI Character Creation Contest! We’ve had more than 6000 works this time time, andthe three best prize-winning works have been selected!

For more information: https://sc6.soularchive.jp/special/characreation_2nd_result.php

Matthew Conolly (@Mattb3rt)

Special ‘Mastel Award’ from SOULCALIBUR VI Director Takahashi “Mastel” Ryoji !



Battle Adjustment List

Patch Notes

SOULCALIBUR VI Update Ver. 2.12 Patch Notes for PlayStation4®/Xbox One/STEAM®

The following changes and improvements will be part of the Version 2.12 update available on 4/14 for the PS4®, Xbox One, and Steam® versions of the game.

Please note that after updating the game, replay data for older versions will no longer be viewable due to adjustments made to battle mechanics.

Game System Adjustments (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

– Fixed behavior of characters and stages, and adjusted skill performance.

You can view more information here.

We are continuously checking and investigating other unexpected issues. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

SOULCALIBUR VI Season 2 Arrives on 25th November 2019!

Paid DLC 7 “Hilde” and Paid DLC 8 “Creation Parts Set C” available on 26th November 2019!

SINGAPORE – 21st November 2019 – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce that the premier weapons-based fighting series SOULCALIBUR VI launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam will have its Season 2 begin on 25th November 2019. The 7th Paid DLC “Hilde” and 8th Paid DLC “Creation Parts Set C” will be available on 26th November 2019.

Season 2 Free Update details

Available Date: 25th November 2019
Delivery content:

  • Battle adjustments including adding new skills to all characters
  • New Stage added
  • New Battle System added
  • Other functional improvements

Please view English patch notes for Update Version 2.00, including Battle Adjustment List here: https://bnent.asia/SCVIVer2

Season Pass 2

Season 2 follows with the launch of paid DLC 7 playable character Hilde, and Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown will appear as a guest character too. In addition, each purchase of Season Pass 2 will also come with a bonus of battle BGMs from SOULCALIBUR IV▪V!

Paid DLC playable character “Hilde”

Available Date: 26 November 2019

Paid DLC 8 “Creation Parts Set C”

Available Date: 26th November 2019




SOULCALIBUR VI is now on sale for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via STEAM in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia).

SOULCALIBUR VI – Version 1.51 Update Notes


SOULCALIBUR VI Update Version 1.51 Patch Notes for PlayStation4®/ Xbox One/ STEAM®
(As of 02 September, 2019)

We fixed unexpected issues that may affect battles in Update Version 1.50 Patch Notes released on 05 August, 2019.


Game System Adjustments

  • Some attacks that give chip damage to guarding opponents – We fixed an issue where, despite the fact that chip damage cannot knock-out opponents even when their HP gauge is reduced to zero, this was not the case for Cassandra’s “Keraunos Finisher” or “Shield Big Bang”.
  • Force Act – Cassandra can now only restore the guard stamina by performing Force Act during battles.
  • Cassandra: “Admonishing Angel” – We fixed an issue where its tracking performance when hitting an opponent in the air was much higher than expected, and sometimes the opponent could not avoid the attack by aerial control.
  • Cassandra: “Angel Kick-off” – We fixed an issue where an opponent rolling on the ground in downed position sometimes fell off the stage when hit by this attack.
  • Cassandra: “Guardian’s Knee”/”Seraphim Cyclone” – We fixed an issue where these throws were sometimes successful to opponents in the air instead of crouching opponents.
  • Cassandra: “Shield Super Nova”/”Shield Big Bang” – We fixed an issue where an attack to Cassandra when she is starting up these attacks were not judged as counter attacks.
  • Azwel: “No More Naysayer” – As its tracking performance was increased in Version 1.50 update, sometimes an opponent could not avoid the attack by moving sideways. Therefore, the tracking performance is now decreased.

We are continuously checking and investigating other unexpected issues.  Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

SOULCALIBUR VI – World Invitational Tournament 2019

SANTA CLARA, Calif., – (August 26, 2019) – Leading interactive entertainment media publisher and developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc., today announced a new esports tournament built around the premier melee weapons-based fighting game in the world, the SOULCALIBUR World Invitational. SOULCALIBUR fans who would like to be part of the action can purchase event tickets to attend the SOULCALIBUR World Invitational on Smash.gg starting August 28, 2019 at 4:00pm PDT.


On November 2, 2019, the HyperX Esports Arena at The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada will become the epicenter of the SOULCALIBUR universe where seven of the best SOULCALIBUR VI players from around the globe are invited to gather for an action-packed tournament to crown the first ever SOULCALIBUR World Invitational Champion. Additionally, one SOULCALIBUR VI player may rise from a pool of 128 players to join the chosen seven by participating in the SOULCALIBUR World Invitational Last Chance Qualifier event which will also be held at the HyperX Esports Arena on November 2, 2019.


“The SOULCALIBUR franchise has been the premier weapons-based fighting game for two decades, building a fan-base which stretches generations and around the world. Now, in the age of esports, it’s an honor to finally deliver a tournament fully focused on SOULCALIBUR, where the eight best players from every corner of the globe come together to compete for prizes, honor, and the ultimate crown of being the best SOULCALIBUR VI player in the world.”

– Motohiro Okubo, Producer of SOULCALIBUR VI at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Featured hosts who will be providing blow-by-blow reporting throughout the SOULCALIBUR World Invitational include fighting game community stalwarts Markman, Kitana Prime, Aliciaxlife, and Ebonic Plague. With nonstop action and excellent color commentary, the SOULCALIBUR World Invitational promises to be one of the most entertaining esports events of the year.



The shield-wielding Cassandra, who first debuted in SOULCALIBUR II, is set to bring her Athenian fighting style to the stage of SOULCALIBUR VI as the last character of the Season Pass 1 on 06 August, 2019.

Additionally, SOULCALIBUR VI’s Season Pass 2 was announced, which will contain four fighters including the guest-character Haohmaru from SNK’s Samurai Shodown and four Creation Sets allowing never seen before customisation!

SOULCALIBUR VI – Character Creation Contest

SOULCALIBUR VI Character Creation Contest

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. is organising a SOULCALIBUR VI character creation contest that is open to all who reside outside of Japan. Winners will have their usernames credited in the end credits of SoulCalibur VI.

Think you have the best creation to impress the development team? Then take part now for a chance to have your name go down in the annals of SoulCalibur VI history!


Terms and Conditions of Entry for SOULCALIBUR VI Character Creation Contest

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) shall launch “SOULCALIBUR VI Character Creation Contest” (“The Campaign”) in the console video game “SOULCALIBUR VI” (“The Game”).

Should you wish to enter The Campaign, please read and agree to the terms and conditions.

  • The terms and conditions apply to people living in areas other than Japan. 



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The Campaign Overview

In The Campaign, we select a few entrants who have submitted excellent screenshots of The Game (“The Winners”) from all submitted screenshots taken according to the description below, and award The Winners.


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Campaign Period

The entry period for The Campaign is:

  • Start: 26 June, 2019 @ 22:00 UTC+8
  • End: 21 July, 2019 @ 22:59 UTC+8


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How to Enter 

  • Follow the official “SOULCALIBUR” Twitter account (@soulcalibur) operated by The Company during The Campaign period.
  • Tweet a screenshot of the character created in “SOULCALIBUR VI” (“Submitted Work“) with a special hashtag (#SC6_ccc).

The entry is completed by following the above procedure 1 and 2.

The formats for a valid Submitted Work shall meet the following requirements:

  • It shall be a screenshot of one scene in The Game, and no change or alteration shall be made to its contents.
  • The image size and the file type of a Submitted Work shall be pursuant to the image size and the file type that can be uploaded to a tweet in Twitter.


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How the Winners are Selected

From the Submitted Works, the development team of The Game selects the works they deem imaginative and original, and announces them as The Winners.


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Awarding of The Winners


  • The Twitter usernames of one to three entrants who submitted excellent screenshots (“The Winners”) will be credited in the end credit of “SOULCALIBUR VI” (“The Game”) as “Creation Master”.
* The names that appear in the end credit will be the Twitter usernames at the time of sending direct messages to announce the award.
  • The Winners will be notified via Twitter direct message (hereinafter, such direct message is called as “Award Notification”).
  • Award Notifications shall not be resent under any circumstance.
  • If we do not receive a reply even after the deadline stated in the Award Notification, the award will be terminated.
  • Award Notifications will be sent in the end of July 2019 or later; provided, this may be subject to change depending on circumstances.
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Common Terms & Conditions

The Campaign is conducted in accordance with the following terms and conditions of The Company.


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SOULCALIBUR VI – Version 1.42 Update Notes


SOULCALIBUR VI Update Version 1.42 Patch Notes for PlayStation4®/ Xbox One/ STEAM®
(As of 19 June, 2019)


SOULCALIBUR VI Update Version 1.42, which contains adjustments and improvements to the following issues for PlayStation4®/ Xbox One and STEAM® has been released.


Game System Adjustments

  • Previously, Lethal Hit Attacks of certain characters which should have been triggered upon hitting an opponent who missed a follow-up attack with A, B or K during a Reversal Edge clash were not triggered correctly. This issue has been fixed with this update.
  • Previously, certain characters landing their Lethal Hit Attacks when Taki performs her “Reversal Lightning” after being downed caused an application error to occur. This has been resolved with this update.
  • 2B: Due to adjustments introduced in Version 1.40, she became unable to shift to “Aerial Leap” when her “Augmented First Strike ~ Aerial Leap” missed an opponent. This has also been fixed with this update.

Corrections to Incorrect Texts on the Battle Adjustment List released with Update Version 1.40 for PlayStation4®/ Xbox One/ STEAM® (As of 19 June, 2019)


Incorrect Command on the Battle Adjustment List for Update Version 1.40
Incorrect command input that was listed on the Battle Adjustment List released on 15 May, 2019 have been corrected.

Mitsurugi “Twisted Gold”
Incorrect: Decreased the delay after the attack by 2 frames
Correct: Increased the opening after the attack by 2 frames

Talim “Kali Rush”
Incorrect: During Wind Charmer A.A.K.A
Correct: During Wind Charmer A.K.A

We are continuously checking and investigating other unexpected issues. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

SOULCALIBUR VI – Version 1.40 Update Notes

Version 1.40 Update Notes (PlayStation4®/Xbox One and STEAM®)

The Version 1.40 update which includes improvements and modifications that addresses the following issues for PS4®/ Xbox One/ STEAM® will be released on 15 May, 2019.


This update includes compatibility support of the paid DLC “Creation Parts Set B.” “Creation Parts Set B” will be available from 16 May, 2019. [Modula id=’31’]

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The following Creation Parts will be available for everyone after applying this update.

  • Torso (Middle Layer) – Tuxedo Jacket  (Male)
  • Lower Body – Tuxedo Pants (Male)
  • Legwear (Outer) – Tuxedo Shoes (Male)
  • Torso (Inner Layer) – Bridal Shorts (Female)
  • Torso (Middle Layer) – Bridal Gown (Female)
  • Legwear (Outer) – Bridal Heels (Female)
  • Extra (Special Parts) – Bridal Tiara (Male & Female)
  • Arms – Archangel Gauntlets (Female)*
*This item is currently for male only but will become available to both genders from Version 1.40.
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New colour variations are added to regular characters. To apply new colours, select COLOUR 3 or COLOUR 4 after confirming the character in the Character Selection screen.

Please note that there are no additional colour variations for Inferno, Geralt, and 2B.


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This update adds compatibility for “NVIDIA Ansel.”

To activate NVIDIA Ansel, press “Alt + F2” during VERSUS and TRAINING battles. You will need a compatible environment to run NVIDIA Ansel.


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  1. Battle system and character move adjustments. For details, please see here.
  2. Reduced the instance where particular objects block the view instead of becoming transparent when they are too close to the camera in “City Ruins: Eternal Apocalypse.”
  3. Fixed the instance where players are not transferred to the selected screen after disconnecting a controller and reconnecting a new one during the result screen in VERSUS mode.
  4. Some of the texts are modified.
  5. Stability of various areas in the game are improved.
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  • Fixed the instance where the voice of a character who is not appearing on the screen can be heard when certain conditions are met while in TRAINING.
  • Fixed several unintended behaviors which occur when using the Command Record function in TRAINING.
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  • “Female Pirate Belts” have been changed not to get damaged during the battles.
  • Adjusted to allow stickers to be applied on “Boy’s Blazer,” “Girl’s Blazer,” and “Nurse Uniform.”
  • Modified to allow “Sode” and “Voodoo Pauldrons” to be equipped while wearing “Winter Rose Dress.”
  • Fixed the instance where the selected pattern is also reflected inside the eyes when face paint is applied to Shapeshifter.
  • Fixed the issue of the hair becoming black when “Wild Tail (Loose)” and “Long Straight” are combined with certain “Head” equipment.
  • Fixed the instance where the hairstyle graphic does not change when equipment destruction occurs if the hairstyle of “Amy” is set to default in Regular Character Customisation.
  • Fixed the soul charge effect of Regular Character Customisation Amy to align with that of other regular characters.
  • Modified instances where hairstyles and body parts do not look well when certain hairstyle, face and head equipment are combined.
  • Fixed instances where certain body part becomes transparent when certain race, build and parts are combined. Several parts are moderated to deal with the issues of clipping.
  • Other minor issues are fixed.
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Implemented “Rank Bolstering” for Ranked Matches.

In Rank Match, once you obtain a certain amount of Rank Points, the Ranks of other fighting styles will automatically be raised to a set value. Bolstering details are as follows:

  • When reaching D5, the ranks of other styles will be increased to F1.
  • When reaching C5, the ranks of other styles will be increased to E1.
  • When reaching B5, the ranks of other styles will be increased to D1.


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Providing a safe and fun gaming experience for players all around the world is one of our core pillars, which is why we enforce bans on players who have been confirmed to have violated the EULA that is agreed upon first playing the game. Please note that we may ban players who are repeatedly reported to have violated EULA once we confirm such violation has actually taken place.

We are continuously checking and investigating other unexpected issues.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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SOULCALIBUR VI – Gameplay Adjustments

PS4/ Xbox One/ STEAM Version Gameplay Adjustments

A patch will be released for the PS4®/ Xbox One/ STEAM® versions to make the following gameplay improvements and adjustments.



  • Yoshimitsu: The opening after Tobi Ushiwaka can be reduced by entering certain inputs.
  • Yoshimitsu: Deathcopter Trick has been adjusted to not ring out during a match however there are certain situations where it still rings out.
  • Geralt: Certain lethal hit conditions for Crippling Strike is not working.
  • Camera: The camera angle becomes awkward during certain throws such as Astaroth’s Ride of the Wicked.


Re-adjustments will also be made to the battle system updated in Version 1.30, such as Guard Impact.



The following information were missing from the Version 1.30 character patch notes.

  • Maxi: Special effects have been added when Critical Edge is activated during Seven Stars Severance to express the increase in damage.
  • Nightmare: The weapon effect’s lighting for attacks exclusive to his Soul Charge has been reduced to improve visibility.



In Amy’s Combat Lessons under Reversal Edges, it is written that when Reversal Edge’s A attack hits, it can be followed up with Dark Abyss and Rouge Stratagème, but this is actually not the case.

This text will be fixed in the next update.

SOULCALIBUR VI – Version 1.30 Update Notes

PS4/ Xbox One/ STEAM Version 1.30 Update Notes (As of 25 March, 2019)

The Version 1.30 update includes improvements and modifications that addresses the following issues.


This update includes compatibility support of the paid DLC4 “Amy”.

Please note that “Amy” will be released on the 26 March, 2019. For more information about this new playable character, please refer here.


The following Creation Parts have been added:

  • Night Butterfly Dress
  • Night Butterfly Lace
  • Night Butterfly Boots
  • Night Butterfly Socks


The following features have been added:

  1. Controller settings can be accessed from the character selection screen of “Versus” by pressing the “Option” button.
    *The aforementioned button refers to the PlayStation®4 version.
    *This additional feature cannot be used in “Casual Match” or “Training” modes.
  2. Added additional options pertaining to the activation of the “Pause Menu”. The following options can be selected from the “Versus” regulation settings screen:
    • “Standard”: Pushing the “Options” button opens the pause menu, as per usual.
    • “Hold”: The game can only be paused by holding the “Options” button. This will reduce the risk of players pausing the game by accident.
      *The aforementioned button refers to the PlayStation®4 version.
  3. The following options have been added to the menu screen at the end of fights in “Versus” mode.
    • “Rematch on a random stage”: Rematch with the same opponent on a randomly selected stage.
    • “Stage Selection”: Return the player to the stage selection screen while keeping the already chosen characters and rematch with the same opponent.
  4. In “Replay”, an erase feature has been added which can be used to delete all the old replay at once.


  1.  Adjusted some aspects of the battle mechanics and special moves. Please go to this page for a detailed list of the adjustments.
  2. Corrected some of the in-game text.
  3. Improved the general stability and polish.


  1. Adjustments have been made so that the game remembers part of the settings and options within “Training” during the same game session. Please note that this additional feature does not pertain to the cursor position within the fighting style guides.
  1. The “random” option has been added to the display system of the command input replay feature.
  1. If players use the “touchpad” + “□ button” while using the command input replay feature within “Training”, they can change the replay modes.
*The aforementioned button refers to the PlayStation®4 version.
  1. Fix the instance in which slowdowns occur during “Training”.
  1. Fixed the instance in which the game would unpause with open menus if players press the OPTIONS button while the “Move Settings” window is open.
 *The aforementioned button refers to the PlayStation®4 version.


  • “Arcane Knight Armour”, “Female Pirate Coat” have been changed not to get damaged during the battles.
  • Adjusted the customisation settings not to allow the use of some of the other headgears when “Hermit’s Hood” is equipped.
*This change only concerns creation parts that are not visible when “Hermit’s Hood” is equipped. There this does not affect the number of customisation pertaining to the aforementioned item.
  • Fixed the instance in which the character’s body does not render properly when equipping armour for the arms while already wearing the “Baihu Coat” and the “Samurai’s Haori”.
  • Fixed the chest area display bug that occurred while “Fetching Leotard” and “Parlour Blouse” are both equipped.
  • Changed the customisation as to let both female and male characters equip the “Sanctified Cuisses” and “Arabian Slacks” at the same time.
  • Fixed display bugs that would occur when “Gym Shorts” is equipped.
  • Fixed instances in which the sticker would not display properly when applying it at the front face of the “Gym Shorts”.
  • Fixed instances in which machine lifeforms would appear on the “Character Viewing Screen” after selecting the “2B” fighting style
  • Fixed various bugs pertaining to customisation parts.


The conditions under which the title “Azure Nightmare” can be obtained during the “In Father’s Name” mission will be softened.

After the changes, the title will be obtainable by meeting the following conditions:

  1. Completing the following mission: “Schwarzwind: Feelings Shared”
  2. Completing the following mission: “Unsung Hero”.

For players who are already meeting the required conditions, the “In Father’s Name” mission will be automatically available.


  1. The following corrections were made in order to improve the matchmaking quality of “Ranked Match” and enhance general network stability.
    • Removed the “Language” and “Region” filters from the search option.
    • The “ping/ connection” filter has been set to “more than 4 Bars” by default.
  2. In “RANKED MATCH”, the limits of the rematch option have been removed.
  3. Fixing the instance in which the players would be unable to move after the start of the round in “Casual Match”.
  4. Added “ping/ connection” indicator which is displayed in the lower-middle part of the screen during fights both in “Ranked Match” and “Casual Match”.


Providing a safe and fun gaming experience for players all around the world is one of our core pillars which is why we are following strictly our company policy which is to BAN players that have violated the agreed upon rules. As we will continue to enforce this policy, please understand that being in violation of the EULA can result in a BAN.

We are continuously investigating any and all other potential issues. Please understand that we are proceeding in an orderly fashion. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

SOULCALIBUR VI – EVO Japan 2019 Community Q&A

The SoulCalibur VI development team answers some burning questions from the community that they didn’t manage to get to during the Q&A session that took place during EVO Japan 2019.

We’ve compiled them here for your reading pleasure. If you’re interested to find out more about future developments, be sure to give it a read!


Q1.) We need you to share more information with us about DLC and upcoming characters!

Creation Parts Set A has been released on February 19. Amy is planned for the next DLC. We would like to release as quickly as possible in the future. Amy’s development is at the final stages. We are planning to release the remaining 3 DLCs by end of this Summer.

Q2.) Please put the controller setups on the character select screen for offline modes.

The internal implementation and testing are underway. We are doing our best to implement it as quickly as possible.

Q3.) Please balance the difficulty of the Libra of Soul mode.

Partial adjustment has been done on February 18. We will consider other adjustments if necessary in the future.

Q4.) The rate at which Soul Points are earned is too slow. This is especially detrimental for players who do not play online.

Partial adjustment has already been done on February 18, Version 1.20. We will consider other adjustments as necessary in the future.

Q5.) Please bring back modes and features that were included in previous entries such as “Team Battle”, “Battle Theatre” and “Voice Test”.

As fans of the series, we understand your request. At the moment, we would like to prioritise the improvement of other features.

Q6.) Please give us more single-player content as DLC. We want additional Soul Chronicle episodes for already existing characters.  

There are still many unexplored story lines in the world of SOULCALIBUR and as developers we are grateful to receive this request. But for now, we would like to focus on developing the story mode for paid DLCs, and consider this request in the future.

Q7.) Please make the game compatible with Nvidia Ansel.

Adding this feature might take some time, but we are planning for its implementation.

Q8.) Please improve the training mode. We would like to see more options regarding the commands display and the replays. Additionally, it would be great to have an infinite stage exclusive to this mode.

Partial improvement has already been made with the Version 1.20 Patch that went live on February 18. Further improvements are yet to come. Because it is the game mode that almost everyone goes back frequently to study or understand various characters and/or moves, it is a priority for us to improve this mode. Although the infinite stage might be difficult to implement at this moment, we will look into it.


Q9.) The amount of changes brought by the Version 1.10 and Version 1.11 Updates are quite extraordinary. Isn’t it detrimental for the game to make this many changes this frequently?

The changes brought about by the Version 1.10 and Version 1.11 were quite extraordinary even for us. Frequent updates have the potential risk to disturb users’ play experience. The release of the next update relating to battle balance will be announced in the near future, but we are currently planning to focus on improvements such as implementing the changes that were not in time for Version 1.11 patch after DLC 4, resolving problems caused by update patches, and other small fixes.

We will thoroughly look into users’ requests and implement into the game if it makes sense.

Q10.) When fine-tuning the gameplay, were you favouring a balance that is more geared for online play rather than offline play?

The purpose of the updates implemented in Version 1.11 was to let casual players understand the details more easily, but that instead caused confusion or misunderstandings among a lot of players.

As our update policy, we believe that basing updates on either offline or online is not a good option.

The intention of Version 1.11 update is to adjust certain moves in which performance has been greatly changed between offline or online.

Q11.) What is the criteria used for game balancing? Hopefully, the game balancing is based on competitive play.

High level matches are referenced when adjusting the balance of the game, but elements such one-sided matches or why beginners or intermediate players are defeated are monitored as well. When balancing the gameplay, we always consider multiple types of players and various point of views. We want all players to be included and to enjoy our fighting game.

Q12.) We keep hearing explanations such as “character concept” or “developer intent” but more specifically, how do you come up with characters’ fighting styles?

Each character’s concept is defined in-game in the Fighting Style Handbook, the texts displayed in the fighting style selection screen of character creation or the parameter chart. We have taken into consideration of not having overlapping personalities so as to avoid characters that are too similar.

However, after the game’s launch, we felt that we should not discourage players from exploring strategies within the community by being protective of our initial vision by saying that “It’s different from the character concept” or “it’s different from the development team’s idea”.

Q13.) A change for Siegfried in the Version 1.11 update describes his fighting style as defensive, but isn’t it wrong to enforce such an impression on players?

As mentioned above, when developing characters, we make sure that characters are developed to match multiple players’ needs and that they are not just different from one another by a couple of minor parameters. In the case of Siegfried,  he was described as “a character who plays defensively at mid-range” in the patch notes to explain his fighting style in an easy-to-understand manner to players who don’t use him, but that intention was misconstrued. It was by no means to deny offensive play for him.

All characters will be adjusted with features to compliment their personalities in the coming update patches.

Q14.) Shouldn’t Reversal Edge be nerfed? People are abusing its game mechanic.

We mainly received this feedback from advanced players. In the previous entries, players had to memorise moves in order to guard, but with Reversal Edge, more players are now able to counter moves in battle regardless of the difference in players’ skill levels.

This was our purpose and we believe it is effective.

Reversal Edge was designed to lower the entry for the game so new players could pick it up more easily, but seeing this move abused is not something that we want. Updates such as charging Soul Gauge easily without Reversal Edge or assuaging input mistakes during Reversal Edge are being considered for future updates.

Q15.) Ring outs in general are too easy in this game, especially even midway into the stage. It’s far too easy to ring out or be ringed out by chance, whereas in previous entries it required a bit more planning.

While SOULCALIBUR VI has the biggest stage size in the SoulCalibur series, the distance of which you can push the opponent away was longer than we expected. Rather than adjusting the character moves to limit ring out, we are considering to make the smaller stages bigger in the future.

Q16.) Why did/ didn’t you nerf some characters?

When first released, the perception of various characters’ strengths was not established yet. The perception also depends on each community or the individual’s battle environment.

Balancing the game with updates is not a simple act of nerfing or buffing characters. We will continue to do our best to release information regarding these changes in a transparent way so that the community can be on the same page.

There is also a possibility to readjust or undo a change, if better conditions are found. For example, Siegfried’s Over Toss was changed in Version 1.11 to no longer have the ring out mechanic, and this resulted in some players feeling that the move was not interesting to play with anymore. We are considering to reevaluate that adjustment and also update some common elements such as increasing the buffer time for throws and making smaller stages larger.

Q17.) Please fix the following:

  1. Instances in which players are unable to hit their opponents when they are positioned too close to them.
  2. Instances in which players are unable to counter attack after dodging their opponents’ attacks.

The hit detection in SOULCALIBUR games is designed to be accurate by taking into account the hit motion, the length and form of weapons used, and the opponent’s character’s posture and form. That is why in some instances when the opponent is out of reach or too close to hit, players will not be able to hit their opponents. However, there are some cases in which a player correctly predicts the movement of their opponent and attacks the right place at the right moment but still the attack fails to connect. This will be fixed in the update following Version 1.10. We are also planning to gather further data and fix any potential problems.

Q18.) Improve the input buffering system. Currently it is inconsistent where inputs are held a long time after certain attacks and not allowed at all after others. I think it also affects attempts to side step in either direction while releasing the block button, causing a jump or crouch instead.

The more we narrow the window during which the input is recognised, the more difficult inputting moves become. The input buffering window of SOULCALIBUR VI is a bit wider than in previous entries. Changing the length of that window would strongly affect the controls and how the game is to the player. That is why we need to be extremely careful with any changes that we make. The input buffering that happens while being hit by opponents may become the cause of the unintentional moves. We will keep investigating the matter.

The player’s character jumping unintentionally is not caused by the input buffering. It’s another matter altogether and an issue that we are keen on fixing.

Q19.) Please provide us the frame data for each character and make it available for browsing in the Training Mode.

As Project Soul, not releasing frame data is part of our policy. There are 2 main reasons for this.

The first reason is that the act of figuring out frame data and sharing it within the community is fun and part of the game experience. If we released the data officially, we would be undermining this experience many enjoy.

The second reason is that it might put off newcomers to the series by giving the impression that the frame data must be studied closely for the game to be enjoyable, which is not what we are aiming for.

Having said that, we are also aware that the fighting game scene is becoming more and more competitive each passing day and that many players would like the frame data to study for competitions. If we were to provide the data, it should be done properly with all the necessary information and explanations. We are not sure if we will be releasing it, but we are open to the idea and are looking into it.


Q20.) In Casual Match, please give us the option to directly do a rematch without having to return to the lobby menu when only 2 people are connected to the lobby.

We are currently looking into the feasibility of this improvement.

Q21.) Please increase the maximum number of possible rematches in Ranked Match.

The internal implementation and testing are underway. We are doing our best to implement it as quickly as possible.

Q22.) Please change the matchmaking  system in Ranked Match so as to avoid matching players with a huge gap in rank against each other. If this is unavoidable, at least make it such that it matches the players with a great difference in rank only when there is no other opponent to be matched against.

The matchmaking system has been improved and this issue resolved with the addition of various rank thresholds in the previous update (Version 1.20). The chances of finding an opponent close to the player’s rank is now much higher. But depending on the number of players online, there might still be some cases in which searches for an opponent close to the player’s rank fails and this results in them being matched to an opponent with a considerable rank gap.

We will continuously monitor the active users and rank distribution, and look into matchmaking adjustments.

Q23.) Please do away with region segregation ‘All Regions’ and ‘Same Region’ in online matching, or just better explain the difference between the settings.

With the previous update (Version 1.20), “All” has been changed to “Other” in the search filters. It was a source of misunderstanding as when the filter was set to “All”, it gave players the impression that this would allow them to match with all players. In reality, players who set their filter to “All/Other” will only be matched with other players who also picked “All/Other”. A player who selected “All/Other” region/ language and another who selected “Same” area/ language will not be matched together.

The current version contains only UI updates, so a “Same” area/ language player will still not be matched against another “Other” area/ language player. However, the next upcoming patch will allow players to use only one search filter “Connection”, thereby improving the game matching feature.

Q24.) Please change the current points allocation system in Ranked Match. Currently, winning a match allocates points to the character that was used during the match but not to any other characters that the player might use. With this system, it is hard to tell whether a low level character is really a novice or the alt-character of a seasoned veteran.

We are looking into a solution to reduce the frequency of an experienced player’s alt-character being matched against a new player. The solution might be to have an additional indicator that takes into account mains and alts. We are looking to improve the current mechanics in the game.

Q25.) In Online Play, using an alphabet and a number to represent player rank looks pretty bland. Please redesign the UI so as to have a slick way of displaying that information (for example, a cool-looking nameplate).

We are aware that a lot of our fans would really like UI elements that goes well with the series’ general aesthetics, so when an opportunity presents itself, we will look into reworking the UI.


Q26.) Would it be possible to have an option to enable/ disable the equipment/ clothes destruction feature?

We will look into this setting.

Q27.) Please add more creation parts to the game.

Character creation quickly became the series staple after its introduction. Anyone can express their creativity openly as it is a tool that is wonderfully easy to use. Therefore, we would like to add more creation parts.

We have overshot our goal and designed more creation parts than initially intended in our DLC plans. Additionally, some creation parts will be added as free DLC. We sincerely hope that you will be looking forward to trying out these new parts.


Q28.) Please buff Siegfried. Although the information in Version 1.11 described him as “defensive”, it seems wrong to call him a defensive player because Siegfried has few effective counter attacks.

Siegfried is not great at counter attacks, however we feel that Siegfried can fight with lesser risk when counter attacking the approaching opponent with Aggressive Onrush, or triggering a combo while dodging a vertical slash or overhead attack with Rising Splitter after side stepping etc. This is to illustrate the difference between a defensive fighting style and Nightmare’s high-risk, high rewards offensive style.

The difference between Nightmare and Siegfried will be more emphasised in the future updates, so that Siegfried’s strengths can be demonstrated more clearly in battles.

Q29.) Taki can trigger two kinds of throws during Possession. However, both grapple breaks are triggered by the same input. Why?

Prior to Version 1.11, a throw from Possession was built in such a way that there was only one kind of grapple break since the throw was made in between a succession of swift, continuous attacks and difficult to avoid. Since a throw during Possession is treated as a special command throw, Taki can start moving first even if the throw was unsuccessful.

In the next update, it will become easier for all characters to grapple break. With this change, Taki will lose an advantage which is why we are planning to divide the grapple break into 2 distinct types.

Q30.) Opponents are pushed away when using Soul Charge. Is it possible to pull them in so that the close-range characters can use it more easily?

In SOULCALIBUR VI, the Soul Charge is designed to thrust away opponents. Counter elements such as power increase, temporary pause of the battle timer have been added on top of the the thrust. A fundamental revision of the entire system is necessary if we were to change this behaviour.

Soul Charge gives the player various ways to fight. It could be used defensively to thrust the enemy away or offensively if activated on the edge of the stage. We will continue to update the game to expand the various Soul Charge tactics.

Q31.) I would like to be able to do warm up training while searching for a RANKED MATCH opponent.

Please set the ‘Standby Settings’ to ‘ON’ in Arcade or Training Mode.

Q32.) Prior to Version 1.10, Xianghua was known to have a high capability to ring out opponents. Since her ring out capability was nerfed, please buff something else. 

The ring out ability of Xianghua was not a main focus during development. However, after the launch of the game, we realised that players had fun with this ring out ability.

Even if we had to nerf other characters during balance adjustments, we would compensate by adding another interesting element. We are currently considering to accommodate this request in the next update.

Q33.) How do you decide the character line-ups?

Weapon usage is unique to, and considered the identity of SOULCALIBUR among fighting game genres. The weapons, variations of fighting styles and composition are first considered, then we look at how the character would integrate into the storyline and if it would appeal to the player.

Q34.) I would like to return directly to the stage selection screen after finishing a battle.

We are aware of the demand for this and currently looking into it.

Q35.) Please increase the number of stages.

We understand that fans are strongly requesting the stages from previous entries to be brought back in SOULCALIBUR VI. Each stage has its own strategies and tactics, thus we understand that there is a strong demand for more variety and fun. Within the team, we are considering this request.

Q36.) When Voldo’s Scarecrow (Facing away & during 8WAY-RUN  A) triggers a Lethal Hit during a specific stun combo, Lethal Hit effects are shown but follow up attacks are not possible. Why is that?

This is related to the mechanics of the game’s combo system where it doesn’t allow for the same stun effect to occur twice within a combo.  As we feel that the current behaviour is not ideal, we are currently looking into better solutions.

Q37.) I hear that the objective of adjustments is to fill in the gaps between Online and Offline Modes. In that case, will effects triggering timing or chaining speed (elements that require reacting to the movements of your opponent) be adjusted? What’s your take on input lag?

In fighting games where matches are held in real time and requires you to make judgments instantaneously, then input the next course of action, we realised that the existence of the input lag difference cannot be overlooked.

We understand the importance of observing the opponent’s movements and then deciding your next move, so we will continue to study and adjust the timings of various attack animations and character movements.

 Q38.) What I found fun from the previous titles was the online in-game chat in ‘Player Match’. It’s a pity the game does not have this function now as it will make communication easier. Will it be added in upcoming updates?

We really hesitated on how to proceed with the online related elements which existed in the previous title, including “Global Colosseo”.

For in-game chat, having both a chat feature and emotes would be ideal, but we ended up only implementing emotes during development.

Since this is a highly requested feature, we are considering it.

39.) Are there any plans for a future SOULCALIBUR World Tour?

We truly appreciate your request for a SOULCALIBUR World Tour. Even for titles like TEKKEN 7, organising a World Tour requires various adjustments and coordination among many parties. We will need a considerable amount of time for a SOULCALIBUR World Tour to happen.  At this point, we are unable to give a definite answer.

Q40.) I understand that Character Creation is an important element, however, attacks are sometimes hard to see. Can you add an option to remove custom characters from Ranked Match?

Separating the player base with this option would increase the matchmaking time and possibly give way to being matched against an opponent with a bigger difference in rank because the number of opponents that fit the search criteria would decrease. We regard Ranked Match as the place to showcase your character creations, so we are not planning on adding an option to remove custom characters from Ranked Match at the moment.

However, we are looking into a solution to players using custom characters to gain unfair advantages.

Q41.) In Offline battle, there are only two kinds of regular colors, P1 and P2, so the player’s personality can’t be expressed. Can you add more colours?  

We are currently looking into a way for players to express their personality even in Offline mode. Weapon selection is available in Update Version 1.20 and colour addition is being considered for future updates.

Q42.) When applying a sticker rotation in Character Creation, it is not possible to apply it to cover 360 degrees or the line remains on the joint. Is there any possibility to cover all around?

We have done the best we could during SOULCALIBUR VI’s development, but we will continue making an effort for further improvements.

Q43.) Is it possible to see how many people have downloaded and used the character I’ve created and shared online? 

Thank you for this very interesting question. We will consider its implementation when an opportunity arises.

Q44.) What kind of information is used as reference when making battle adjustments? 

We look at tournament battles from various locations as well as online battles between players, and use the information gathered to make adjustments and improvements. When doing so, we don’t refer only to the experienced players. We would like all players with different skills to continuously enjoy this title.

Q45.) Appeal is unintentionally triggered during battle.

Regarding this issue with Appeal unintentionally triggering when guarding or attacking, we will look into the input reception and commands.

Q46.) Maxi’s Neutral Guard (Alkaid) has a Guard Impact ability. However, even if I repel the opponent’s attack, I receive Reverse Impact and can’t follow up attacking. Why is that?

The fact that the opponent can trigger Reverse Impact when you repel the vertical slash with Neutral Guard (Alkaid) is an expected behaviour. It doesn’t mean that Maxi’s attack is guaranteed upon successful repelling. There is one more struggle against the opponent, and the counter is only guaranteed when Maxi has the Soul Gauge.

Q47.) Why don’t you ask the public to contribute character designs?

Thank you for the interesting suggestion! We will consider this.

Q48.) Could you tell us the DLC release timing? 

We plan to release the remaining 3 DLCs including Amy by end of this summer.

Q49.) Although Reversal Edge is a common system, the wind-up speed varies by character. Why are some easier to dodge than others?

Reversal Edge was designed as a general system to avoid all upper/ mid/ low attacks by triggering a “special guard”. Besides that, each character’s characteristics are strongly reflected. We will continue to adjust Reversal Edge and other common battle systems but will keep these character’s characteristics.

Q50.) Who is the strongest staff among the battle adjustment team?

Our battle adjustment team includes well known “Oosaka” or Mr “Shining Decopon” but other team members also possess deep knowledge and skills. It is difficult to say who is the strongest. We can’t share too much of the development team’s internal information but our members sometimes research the market trends through online. You might already have battled against them!

SOULCALIBUR VI – Version 1.20 Update Notes

Version 1.20 Update Notes

The Version 1.20 for PS4®/ Xbox One/ STEAM® update includes improvements and modifications that addresses the following issues.

Version 1.20 Update (scheduled for February 19, 2019)

This update includes compatibility support of the paid DLC3 Creation Parts Set A: “Armour Pack 1” that is available for PS4®, Xbox One and STEAM®. Please check here for details.

Additional Creation Parts (PS4/ Xbox One/ STEAM)

The following Creation Parts will be added for everyone after applying this update.

  • Sailor Shirt
  • Boy’s blazer
  • Girl’s blazer
  • Student’s Coat
  • Student’s Slacks
  • Student’s Cap
  • Duffel Bag
  • Leather Loafers

Additional Functions (PS4/ Xbox One/ STEAM)

  • Weapons can be selected by pressing the □ button while the cursor is set on the regular character in the character selection screen.
*The aforementioned button refers to the PlayStation®4 version.
*The different weapons are cosmetic in nature as they do not provide any changes in weapon performances.
  • In the VS screen before the battle, the stage name will be displayed on the upper screen center. If “RANDOM” is selected in the stage selection, “RANDOM” will be displayed instead of the stage name.

Additional Functions (PS4/ Xbox One/ STEAM)

  • When the creation character frame is selected in the character selection screen, the cursor’s previous position is memorised.
  • Fixed the instance in which when a “RANKED MATCH” is found while in standby mode in TRAINING”, the command input would still be active during the match.
  • When using the command record in the “TRAINING”, the recording can be started by pushing the “R3” button and can be stopped with the “L3” button.
*The aforementioned button refers to the PlayStation®4 version.
  • Some of the texts has been corrected.
  • General stability has been improved.


  • The appearance of “Partial Shadow Leg Guards” and some pants parts (“Arabian Slacks”, “Slacks”, “Slops”, “Cropped Pants”, “Prayer Pants”) will be modified. This is to avoid parts clipping through each other.
  • Fixed instances in which the discrepancy between the creation screen and actual gameplay screen regarding the “Haunted Long” hair color selection. Parts that can be assigned the “Haunted Long” hair color will be increased to 2.
  • Fixed instances in which the discrepancy between the creation screen and actual gameplay screen regarding the “Bad Boy Grunge” hair color selection.
  • Fixed the appearance of the chest area when “Fetching Leotard” and “Parlour Blouse” are both equipped at the same time.
  • Fixed the appearance of the back of the head when “YoRHa No.2 Hair” and “Wizard’s Hat” are equipped at the same time.
  • When “Cyclone Bikini” and “Raven Leather Leggings” are both equipped at the same time, “Cyclone Bikini” was partially cut off. Changing the creation system so that these parts cannot be equipped at the same time.
  • Fixed the unintended change of Xianghua’s head skin color when her hair is removed.

LIBRA OF SOUL Adjustments (PS4/ Xbox One/ STEAM)

  • In “Currency Exchange”, the exchange rate from G to SP will be changed from “5000G ⇒ 100SP” to “1000G ⇒ 100SP”.
  • The amount of gold consumed via “Exploration” will be changed from “30G every 100km” to “20G every 100km”. The amount necessary to go through the obstacles (ocean, dessert, mountains, etc.) will also be lowered.
  • The amount of gold obtained when clearing the following missions will be increased.
    • The main story fight against Berserker.
    • The request for sealing the Astral Fissure.
    • “All That Glitters” (random encounter during exploration)
    • “The Duel” (triggered randomly on the world map)
  • The strength of the following enemies will be reduced:
    • NPC bosses
    • Strong NPCs that appear during the request for sealing the Astral Fissure.
  • Fixed instance in which the character’s hair changes when performing a Soul Charge during battle if “Lost Soul (Winged): Male” is chosen as with the default hairstyle.

Adjustments for the PlayStation®4 version (PS4/ Xbox One/ STEAM)

The “button confirmation screen” in the OPTION menu’s controller settings can be closed with the “Touchpad” or the “OPTIONS” button. This is to avoid a problem that occurs in some of the arcade sticks, in which players would get stuck on the “button confirmation” screen being unable to quit without closing the application.

NETWORK Adjustments (PS4/ Xbox One/ STEAM)

  • Fixed instances in which the game would crash if older unsupported replay data was found in the “REPLAY” list when selecting “Battle Log” or “Favourites”.
  • The matching system will be improved by adding various rank thresholds. If an opponent is not found when searching for an opponent in “RANKED MATCH”, an opponent with a similar rank will be searched. If no one is found, the search restrictions will be relaxed gradually until someone is found. First, the system will search for an opponent with a small gap in rank. If the search is still negative, the system will look for an opponent with a medium gap in rank and so forth until an opponent can be found. This way, the chances of finding someone at the player’s rank or close becomes much higher.
*This is only relevant to the PlayStation®4 and STEAM® versions.
*For Xbox One, there is no change as the search is done on the constructor side.
  • The obtained RP will be increased when the rank is lower than “G1” and winning against an opponent with a rank difference.
  • For battles in which players are between “C5” and “B1”, the amount of RP gained will be increased when fighting against an opponent lower than a certain rank.
  • The upper rank limit of the consecutive bonus application will be augmented from “G1” to “E1”. The scale factor to RP caused by the consecutive win will be increased. This is to allow players who have the capability to win consecutively in the current rank to rise up faster to the rank with players of similar skills.
  • In the “RANKED MATCH” and “CASUAL MATCH”, the filter “All” in the language and the area settings will be changed to “Other Regions”. This is a text correction only to give a better understanding of the filter without a change in its usage.
  • Before this update, even if the filter is set to “All”, this does not mean that all players become eligible for matchmaking. It means that all matchmaking is done among the players who selected the filter “All”.  As this is a source of misunderstanding, with this update we have changed the name of the filter.

We are investigating any other unexpected issues in an orderly fashion. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Online Violation

Providing a safe and fun gaming experience for players all around the world is one of our core pillars which why we follow strictly our company policy which is to BAN players that violated the agreed upon rules. We will continue to enforce this policy.

[Regarding the Future Update]

NETWORK Adjustments (PS4/ Xbox One/ STEAM)

  • The following corrections will be made in order to improve the matching quality of “RANKED MATCH” by enhancing the network stability and the match making process as to reduce the rank gap between opponents.
    1. The removal of “language” and “area” filters.
    2. Setting the “ping/connection” filter to “more than 4 bars” by default.
  • In “RANKED MATCH”, we are planning to remove the limits of the rematch option in order for players to continue playing against an opponent they enjoyed matching against the first time.
  • Fixing the instance in which players would be unable to progress if a player leaves the lobby in “CASUAL MATCH”.
  • In “REPLAY”, we will be adding the function of deleting old replay data which is no longer supported.

We are continuously checking and investigating any other potential issues.


EVO Japan 2019 has revealed a cast of characters soon to be joining SoulCalibur VI and Tekken 7, and we take a closer look at these upcoming fighters in their latest trailer videos.


A new face to the Tekken series, Negan from The Walking Dead will be making his debut alongside his trusty barbed-wire bat, Lucille, and he’s set to take on anyone foolish enough to stand in his way. Fans will also be delighted to know that Negan will be joined by Julia, a familiar name in the series, so be sure to check the both of them out in the trailer.


Julia Chang climbed into the ring as the mysterious masked woman “Jaycee”, as a substitute for her childhood friend who was injured in a car accident.

Being truly strong, she was disliked by her opponents and even the audience started to view her as a heel, and she increasingly faced intense booing from the crowd.

After removing her mask, she changed her hairstyle, wore glasses, and concentrated on expanding her reforestation efforts around the globe so that no one would recognize her out of the ring.

As her reforestation project required plenty of capital, she started a crowdfunding campaign but had failed to gain a sufficient amount of visibility.

It was at that time that media began speculating that Kazuya Mishima was actually Devil. This gave Julie an idea; if she managed to beat Kazuya, she would get enough attention to secure enough funds for her reforestation project to be successful.

With that objective, Julia started her journey to find Kazuya.


The Walking Dead’s Negan, the charismatic leader of the Saviors, brought other communities together under his thumb with the motto, ‘People are a resource’.

One day, Negan received reports that an unknown group had taken out several of his men. Per his standard policy, he enacted a plan to capture them, make an example out of one, and put the rest to work for him. The survivors fell into Negan’s carefully laid trap, but just as he was choosing his victim to serve as an example, the group put up an intense fight and escaped.

Negan worried they would disturb his new world order if he did not deal with them swiftly. Taking his barbed-wire bat Lucille – named after his beloved wife – into his hand, he set out to take care of these foolish ingrates who would challenge his authority.


Amy Sorel, along with her weapon Albion, returns to SoulCalibur VI in DLC4, and will be available as part of the game’s Season Pass.


Name: Amy
Sex: Female
Birthplace: Slums of Rouen, French Empire
Height: 140cm
Weight: 36kg
Date of Birth: Unknown. Met Raphael on October 22nd
Blood Type: Unknown
Weapon: Rapier (small)
Weapon Name: Albion
Fighting Style: Modified La Rapière des Sorel
Relationships: Raphael (foster father & mentor). Biological parents unknown


Born in the slums of Rouen in the French Empire, Amy grew up in a cold world full of violence and cynicism. She quickly became resigned to her circumstances, convinced that hope was nothing more than fuel for despair.

One day, a ruckus erupted within the slums. Amy was on her way back to where she slept when suddenly a man flew out from seemingly nowhere, colliding with her and knocking them both to the ground. The man appeared to be a noble, and Amy wondered what business he had in the slums. The sound of soldiers’ footsteps filled the air. The man was being chased.

It had not been Amy’s intention to help him, and his plight inspired no compassion within her. Amy’s sole interest was to spite the soldiers in return for the cruelty their kind had always shown her, nothing more.

She got them to leave by making up a lie only a pack of foolish soldiers would believe. However, the man was still there, staring at Amy as though he had made a prized discovery. In all her life, no one had ever looked at her like that.

He asked her name and, upon hearing her answer, muttered it several times before beginning to weep. He expressed to her his profound thanks.

Together with the man, who called himself Raphael, Amy left the slums behind. The wheels of fate had been set into motion as Amy began walking her path with her own feet for the first time, now face to face with that which she had rejected for so long: hope.

SOULCALIBUR VI – Project Soul Panel Session (EVO 2019)



Since its release in October, SOULCALIBUR VI has been embraced by many players all over the world. Whether it’s all the community tournaments held around the globe or all the character creations profusely shared by fans on social media, every single member of PROJECT SOUL is overwhelmed by your response to the game. We are very grateful for your attention and continued support.

As we are fully committed to continuously improving the gameplay experience, we are constantly monitoring the community as we tweak and improve the game’s balance as best as possible. On top of watching various tournaments across the globe, the team also monitors and takes into account comments and opinions from players.

It must be said that it is very difficult for us to reply to each and every one of your enquiries due to the sheer amount that we receive on a daily-basis. That is why we are always ready to jump at every opportunity to communicate with you. This is one of the reasons we have decided to hold a community panel session for SOULCALIBUR VI during the upcoming EVO Japan.

We truly hope that with this community panel session, we will be able to actively join the community discourse surrounding the game and exchange opinions and ideas with SOULCALIBUR VI players from all over the world. We invite any and all players who are able to make it to attend our panel regardless of their level or experience regarding the game (just to be clear competing at EVO Japan is not a prerequisite to attending the panel).

Our aim is to provide an outlet for healthy discussion within our community and hope that we will all be having fun while doing that.

Lastly, as this event was announced without much notice, many of you might not be able to attend in person. We just want say that you can participate to the community discourse regardless by giving us your feedback on the link below.

We are very excited to the prospect of meeting you in Fukuoka. As SOULCALIBUR VI players compete for supremacy, let your SOUL burn for EVO Japan.

Motohiro Okubo

*Please note specifics regarding the panel may be subject to change.

Project Soul Panel Session (EVO 2019)

Members of the development team, including Motohiro Okubo (Producer) and Masteru Takahashi (Director), will be on stage to answer fan’s inquiries in a Q&A session to actively join the community discourse surrounding the game.

Date & Time:
February 16, 2019 (Saturday)
15:00-17:00 JST

FUKUOKA CONVENTION CENTER 502 (5F International Conference Rooms)

Entrance Fee:
None (Free)

*First come, first-served basis.

*Access to event is subject to availability and not guaranteed due to the limited capacity of the venue. Entrance might be refused once full capacity is attained. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

SOULCALIBUR VI – Version 1.12 Update Notes

Version 1.12 Update Notes (As of January 29, 2019)

The Version 1.12 update includes improvements and modifications that addresses the following issues.

Fixed NETWORK related issues (PS4/ Xbox One/ STEAM)

  • Fixed crash bug that would occur after choosing “Battle Log” or “My List” in the REPLAY Menu when incompatible replay data is present.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work on finding and fixing various issues surrounding the game.


SOULCALIBUR VI – Version 1.11 Update Notes

Version 1.11 Update Notes (As of January 15, 2019)

Gameplay Adjustments (PS4/ Xbox One/ STEAM)

  • Adjusted some aspects of the battle gameplay. Please go to this page for a detailed list of the adjustments.
  • Corrected some of the in-game text.

Fixed NETWORK related issues (PS4/ Xbox One/ STEAM)

  • Fixed the instance in which the game would get stuck on either the character selection screen or the stage selection screen.