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New game features revealed, along with new Special Interview for Tales of ARISE

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to share today the latest details on game system and new features, as well as a new Tales of ARISE x Motoi Sakuraba (桜庭 統) Special Interview.

Composer/Keyboard player Motoi Sakuraba has worked on numerous “Tales of” music. The special interview will share more on the idea of “inheritance and evolution” worked into the music of Tales of ARISE.

Tales of ARISE x (桜庭 統) Special Interview
Tales of Arise – Taking a break: Camping, Cooking, Fishing & Farming

Building Relationships & New Features: Mini-game

Experience the journey with party members in “Tales of” series style

The “Tales of” game experience is still alive and well in ARISE, with both seriousness and comicality. On their epic journey to free the oppressed planet Dahna of Rena’s domination, Alphen, Shionne and their comrades will visit beautiful environments, meet formidable foes and experience various activities, like cooking, farming and fishing, all the while creating a unique bonds amongst themselves.

Character Building & Growth

“Tales of” is a game to enjoy the characters. In addition to the main scenarios, you can get to enjoy different experiences with characters when you roam around the map.

In Tales of Arise, enjoy the development of characters, as you uncover the characters’ emotions and fates portrayed in different form of encounters – Event Movie, Animation, Skit and Short Chats

One of the features of the “Tales of” series, is the “Skit” feature that allows the party to enjoy interesting conversations while exploring the field.

The Evolved “Skit” Feature

Learn new aspects about individual characters, get a glimpse of the interesting side of each character from various perspective not seen in the main storyline alone and establish deeper bonds.

This evolved feature in Tales of ARISE, includes showcasing characters’ expression in 3D. Costumes and attachments equipped, as well as location and in-game time of the day, will also be reflected in the “Skit” cutscenes to enhance your feeling of real-time travelling with the whole party.

Sub-quests Meet people and learn more about the characters and their charms

During your adventures, Alphen and his friends will encounter people with various challenges. By solving their problems, you can obtain weapons, items and even cooking recipes.

On completing quests, you will be able to see characters’ personalities and emotional changes from a different angle than the main story. Some of the quests will require you to confront powerful enemies as well.

Camping, Cooking, Farming activities Deepen your bonds through communication

On the field, there is “camp”, which not only allows you to recover (HP & CP) but also lets you engage deeper communication with party members. At the camping spot, you can look back at the skits that have occurred along the way. By choosing a character to share a conversation with before going to sleep, you can also see a new side of yourself too.

The series’ familiar “Cooking” system

Enjoy the familiar quirky dishes that comes with each character’s own specialties! By entrusting them with their specialties, you may trigger special cutscenes!

In addition, there are also chef-style outfits to get you in the cooking mood! Wearing these costumes and playing skits related to cooking doubles the fun!

Dish & Recipes

You can cook by learning recipes and using ingredients to recreate them. By eating food, you can gain various buffs that will be useful for your battles!

There are different buffs that comes with different recipes. Choose the recipe that best suits the map you want to traverse and the enemies you want to defeat!

Develop a farm where you can harvest food

If you can manage the ingredients properly, you will be able to create a wider variety of dishes along the way. By developing farm and gathering a wealth of ingredients, you can cook a variety of dishes and use the additional buffs to your advantage in battles against powerful enemies.

Mini-games Discover new aspects of the members

Hootle’s friend!? Find the owl!

Look for Hootle’s friends hiding around every corner! Owls of different colours, shapes and sizes are hidden throughout the town and field.

By finding the owls, you can return them to the Owl Village and obtain attachments.

Do “fishing” and collect achievements!

Enjoy fishing and expand your collection! You can go fishing at the waterfront during your adventures.

Kisara in particular, is an avid fisherman. Other than getting unique fishing results at each fishing spot, you can also record your catch and collect achievements!

Collect “artifacts” with Dohalim

Besides fishing, there is also artifacts collection you can do with Dohalim. Collecting artifacts is one of his hobbies, for he has a deep knowledge in arts. By collecting artifacts that drops in various locations, Dohalim can share his knowledge and insights.

Above being just a collection, artifacts can also be worn to obtain a variety of buffs to help you in battle.

*About save data migration:
Scheduled for this winter to migrate the save data created on the PlayStation®4 version to the PlayStation®5 version and the save data created on the Xbox One version to the Xbox Series X | S. Details will be announced at a later date.

Tales of Arise will be available on 9th September 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and 10th September 2021 for PC via Steam. Pre-orders for the game are available on the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia Store and participating retailers.

Goldlewis Dickinson is the first Season Pass character to join Guilty Gear -Strive- roster

Goldlewis Dickinson, the first Secretary of Defense and active soldier of the United States will be available starting July 27th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. A jazz aficionado, Goldlewis possesses very strong decision making and leadership skills that he puts to good use in maintaining the stability and the influence of the United States.


Goldlewis will be available for players who own the Guilty Gear -Strive- Season Pass 1 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as on Steam starting July 27. The character will be available for individual purchase PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on July 30.

Guilty Gear -Strive-, which has now surpassed 500,000 units sold worldwide, is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

Super Robot Wars 30 releases on 28 October 2021 in Southeast Asia

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce that Super Robot Wars 30 will be officially launched on October 28, 2021 for Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and STEAM! Similarly, a greeting video featuring producers Takanobu Terada and Kohei Mogami have been released, highlighting participating works, the game system and other exciting details.

Super Robot Wars 30 producer greeting video:

Additionally, read on to learn more about bonuses available for early purchase and pre-order as well as game editions for purchase.

Nintendo Switch™/PlayStation®4 “SUPER ROBOT WARS 30” Package Version Early Purchase Bonus and Digital Version Pre-order Bonus Contents

Bonus 1 – Mission: Spirit of Steel
* Rewards the SRX unit, Striker Scope, and Defender Arm Power Parts.

Bonus 2 – Mission: Elemental Lord
* Rewards the Cybaster unit, Cyclone Booster, and Sky Charm Power Parts.

Bonus 3 – Special Starter Pack
* Rewards the Military Academy 30 ID Power Part, 50,000 credits, 500 PP, and 3,000 MxP.

Bonus 4 – Bonus Mission: Spirit of the Blade
* Rewards the Spirit of the Blade Power Part, 50,000 credits, 500 PP, and 3,000 MxP.

Bonus 5 – Bonus Mission: Spirit of the Shot
*Rewards the Spirit of the Shot Power Part, 50,000 credits, 500 PP, and 3,000 MxP.

Bonus 6 – Bonus Mission: Spirit of Power
*Rewards the Spirit of Power Power Part, 50,000 credits, 500 PP, and 3,000 MxP.

*The contents and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
*The image is for illustration purposes only.
*Please note that the Early Purchase Bonus for the Package Version is limited in quantity.       
*All items will be reflected as in-game items. 
*In order to use the bonus codes, the console must be connected to the Internet. The Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch™ version and PlayStation™Network for the PlayStation®4 version is also required to access the codes.
*The code can only be used once and is valid until 27 October 2022.
*The bonus mission “Special Starter Pack” can only be obtained with this bonus.
*Please note that the missions “Spirit of Steel”, “Elemental Lord”, “Spirit of the Blade”, “Spirit of the Shot” and “Spirit of Power” may be released at a later date.
*Please refer to the product’s official website for details on the contents of the bonus and how to redeem it.
*Bonus 4, 5 and 6 are not applicable for the STEAM® version.

Super Robot Wars 30 Digital Deluxe Edition
The Digital Deluxe Edition includes the Super Robot Wars 30 full game, Season Pass, and Bonus Mission Pack.

Super Robot Wars 30 Digital Ultimate Edition
The Digital Ultimate Edition includes the Super Robot Wars 30 full game, Season Pass, Bonus Mission Pack, and Premium Sound & Data Pack.

Premium Sound & Data Pack

  • Includes 31 anime themes and soundtracks, 15 original songs, and 51 reference images. Songs will be game-sized cuts.
  • Premium Sound & Data Pack Special Mission
    • Rewards the Topological Sight Enhancement Part, 100,000 credits, 1,000 PP, and 5,000 MxP.

List of participating works in “Super Robot Wars 30”

Super Electromagnetic Robot Combattler V
Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack
Mobile Suit V Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam NT (Narrative)
Heavy Metal L-Gaim
The Brave Police J-Decker
The King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL
The King of Kings: GaoGaiGar VS Betterman

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion III – Glorification
Code Geass Lelouch of the Re;surrection
Getter Robo Armageddon
Mazinger Z: Infinity
Mazinkaiser (INFINITISM)
Magic Knight Rayearth
Gun X Sword
Majestic Prince
Knight’s & Magic
The King of Kings: GaoGaiGar VS Betterman

About Super Robot Wars 30

30 years on, the battle for our world’s future continues.

Super Robot Wars is a simulation RPG where robots of various animations come together to fight against a common enemy.

Super Robot Wars 30, is a title commemorating the 30th anniversary of the series, and in this original story, robots from various animations such as ” “Mazinger Z: Infinity,” “Super Electromagnetic Robot Combattler V,” “Mobile Suit Z Gundam,” and “Code Geass Lelouch of the Re;surrection” transcend the boundaries of their works and assemble in one place.


Super Robot Wars 30

Nintendo Switch , PC , PS4

Super Robot Wars X

Nintendo Switch , PC , PS4

Discover Tales of Arise opening movie, animated by Ufotable

The Opening Movie of Tales of Arise is now available. This movie, created by the famous anime studio Ufotable gives a glimpse at the epic journey that awaits players in Tales of Arise. This movie also features the game’s opening song, “HIBANA” by “KANKAKU PIERO”.

Tales of Arise will follow the journey of Alphen and Shionne in their quest to free Dahna for the ruling of Rena. To help in their fight they will be joined by Rinwell, Law, Kisara and Dohalim, all bringing their own motives, stories and fighting capabilities to the group.

Tales of Arise will be available on 9th September 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and 10th September 2021 for PC via Steam. Pre-orders for the game are available on the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia Store and participating retailers.

DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT coming to Nintendo Switch™ on September 22

Singapore – 16 June 2021 – The most expansive and accurate retelling of the epic of Goku – DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT is coming on Nintendo Switch™. Play the game everywhere, meeting beloved friends, battling powerful enemies and reliving one of the most iconic story from the arrival of Raditz to the final fight against Buu!

The Nintendo Switch™ version will include the – A NEW POWER AWAKENS SET. It will allow players to fight two exclusive bosses Beerus and Golden Frieza while unlocking the godly transformations for Goku and Vegeta.

Up to 5 luxurious Early Purchase Bonuses such as early access to training menu against the former member of the Ginyu Force, a character designed by the author Akira Toriyama will undoubtedly evoke excitement among players.

For more information on DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT and other titles from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia please visit: https://bandainamcoent.asia , or follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bandainamcoent.asia . Join the conversation on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/BandaiNamcoSEA

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes to launch on 22nd October 2021

House of Ashes, the brand-new game in The Dark Pictures Anthology will release on 22 October 2021 on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Experience moments of tension and terror alone in single player mode, with your friends through 2 player online shared story or with up to 5 players in the couch-friendly movie night mode.

Iraq, 2003. In the shadow of the Zagros mountains a military unit comes under fire from Iraqi forces. The resulting firefight causes an earth tremor where both sides fall into the ruins of a buried Sumerian temple. With all communication severed, our protagonists are trapped in a terrifying underworld they must navigate to escape – unaware that something ancient and evil has awakened in the shadows and has found a new prey to hunt.

Horrific discoveries and impossible decisions now face the survivors as they strive to escape the terrifying threat they awakened. Will they each prioritize their own survival, or put aside their fears and personal rivalries to fight together as one against these underworld monsters? Check out the latest trailer revealing more about the underworld story of House of Ashes here:

  • Pre-order bonus:
    Day-1 access to The Curator’s Cut, opening up previously unavailable scenes with different playable characters and outcomes.

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of stand-alone, branching cinematic horror games, designed to present a new terrifying experience on a regular basis. Each game is unconnected and will feature a brand-new story, setting and new cast of characters.


The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

PC , PS4 , PS5 , XBOX One , XBOX Series X|S


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce that ELDEN RING will be released on 21st January 2022 for PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC Digital via Steam in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia). The game supports the Smart Delivery on Xbox consoles as well as a Free Upgrade to PS5 for players who purchase the PS4 version.

The long-awaited gameplay reveal of ELDEN RING, the grand fantasy Action-RPG title developed by FromSoftware Inc. and produced by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. can now be viewed with the following YouTube link: https://youtu.be/k5XqXaILk3Y

Dive into a thrilling adventure and decide the fate of a vast world filled with intrigue and power. Fight against formidable enemies with FromSoftware’s signature melee combat and discover a wide range of inventive strategies made possible by the open-ended Action-RPG gameplay of ELDEN RING

A new world filled with fantastic tales and lore has been woven by Hidetaka Miyazaki – creator of the influential and critically acclaimed DARK SOULS video game series; and George R.R. Martin – author of The New York Times best-selling fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire. Players will embark on a journey across a meticulously handcrafted world dripping in blood and deception brought upon by a variety of characters with their own unique motivations for helping or hindering the player’s progress, adversaries with profound backgrounds, and fearsome creatures. Throughout their adventures, players will choose the fate of this cursed land by unravelling its secrets and myths.  

Featuring a vast and seamless landscape with natural weather and time-of-day progression, players will become fully immersed in the world of ELDEN RING as they begin their journey and choose on their own path. Traverse on foot or horseback, alone or online with friends across grassy plains, suffocating swamps and lush forests. Ascend spiraling mountains, enter breathtaking castles, and witness other sites of grandeur on a scale never seen before in a FromSoftware title. ELDEN RING’s role-playing and customization options allow players to define their own unique playstyle. Experimentation is encouraged with a wide variety of weapons, magical abilities and skills found throughout the world; enticing players to follow previously unexplored progression paths. 

ELDEN RING gives players the opportunity to chart their own path through its world. Choose to run headlong into fierce battles against daunting foes or take advantage of the game’s stealth and combat systems to gain the upper hand. It is up to the player to decide how to handle the many challenges that lay before them. 

“With ELDEN RING, we have applied all our dark fantasy and action-RPG expertise cultivated throughout the Dark Souls series, in order to create a bold, classical evolution of the genre,” commented Hidetaka Miyazaki, Director at FromSoftware, “We’ve crafted a rich world with a staggering sense of scale, based off of legends written for the game by George R. R. Martin. ELDEN RING is a world full of mystery and peril, ready to be explored and discovered; a drama in which various characters flaunt their own mystique and ulterior motives. We sincerely hope you enjoy experiencing it for yourself.” 

“I am very happy and excited to announce the release date of ELDEN RING, a new game created by Mr. Miyazaki and Mr. George R.R. Martin, two creators that I truly admire and have a passionate fan base around the world. I am very happy and excited to be able to tell you about it.”  Added Yasuo Miyakawa, President & CEO, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. “We will continue to develop ELDEN RING not only as a game but also in a variety of other areas in order to deliver the worldview and charm of this title to our fans around the world. We look forward to your continued support.” 

Stay tuned for more ELDEN RING news throughout the year. 

SCARLET NEXUS New Characters & More Game System Details Revealed

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to share new visuals and profiles of the sub-characters in upcoming action RPG SCARLET NEXUS today. Detailed information about the game system, including the powers of SAS, have also been released.

New Characters Revealed

Seto Narukami (CV: Hiroki Takahashi)

Power: Electrokinesis
Service Record in the OSF: 25 years

“I care because they are rookies. In a fight against others, a split second of hesitation can lead directly to death.”

He is one of the team leaders of the OSF and No.7 of the Septentrion. He is a cheerful and lively young man who is not conceited about his outstanding ability. He provides a helping hand to those around him when they are in trouble and is kind enough to pay attention to their needs. He insists on working in the field and has turned down all promotional offers, therefore still a team leader, but many people look up to him and ask to be assigned to his team.

Kodama Melone (CV: Aoi Yuki)

Power: Sonokinesis
Service Record in the OSF: 21 years

“Kodama-chan is here!”

One of the team leaders of the OSF. An energetic, eccentric character who likes to show off. Although her words and actions are devilish and extreme, she is also the assistant to Fubuki, the commander of the 1st Regiment. She often acts on her own terms, but she does her duties without hesitation and with a light-hearted sense of fun when ordered by her superiors. She used to be Shiden’s former senior officer. However, it seems that Shiden and her did not get along.

Haruka Frazer  (CV: Tomoyo Kurosawa)

Power: Telepathy
Service Record in the OSF: 10 years

“As expected of Kasane. You caught the other’s reaction before I did.”

She is Kasane team’s operator and Wataru’s twin sister. She has a bold, energetic, and lively personality, which is reflected in her behavior, and she is sometimes seen as boyish, which bothers her quite a bit.

Wataru Frazer  (CV: Kengo Takanashi)

Power: Telepathy
Service Record in the OSF: 10 years

“Don’t underestimate my intelligence network. I can pull out all kinds of classified information!”

He is Yuito team’s operator and Haruka’s twin brother. He has always had a slim figure and is sometimes mistaken for a woman, but he doesn’t particularly care. His personality is rather dynamic and rebellious, and he takes pride in his duties as an operator.

Kaito Sumeragi (CV: Chikahiro Kobayashi)

Position: Chairman of the Defense Committee
Age: 25 y/o

“Now you know, don’t you, Yuito? You know what you have to do.”

The eldest son of the prestigious Sumeragi family, and Yuito’s older brother. At a young age, he became a shrewd politician and is now the head of the OSF. Due to civilian control, Kaito himself does not possess psychic abilities but is an ordinary person. He resembles his father’s appearance and political skills. Since childhood, he has been an honor student and a sharp thinker and is often described as unapproachable, but he has been kind to his younger brother, Yuito.

Joe Sumeragi (CV:Tsutomu Isobe)

Position: New Himuka’s council leader
Age: 56 y/o

“I’m still against you are joining the OSF, but make sure you don’t get hurt.”

He is the current head of the Sumeragi family, the founding family of New Himuka, and the chairman of the New Himuka Council. In other words, he is the Head of State. He is a skilled politician supported by the people and the father of Yuito and Kaito. He is a strict father but has little time for his family due to his commitment to work. He is against Yuito’s decision to join the army, so the father-son relationship is not the best, but he still cares for his son, sending him congratulatory messages for joining the OSF.

SAS System ーPowerー

The Struggle Arms System, or “SAS,” is a system that allows you to temporarily borrow the power of your allies by connecting your brain to theirs via a virtual cable.


Grants flames to weapon attacks and psychokinesis attacks. A power that increased attack strength and specialized in attacks that can put the enemy in a “burned“ status.

Under the burn status, the health of the inflicted continuously deplete. This will give an advantage in battle.

This is a special attack technique added during SAS activation.

Yuito: A slamming attack from the air creates a blazing stream of fire.
Kasane: The accumulated attack generates a powerful pillar of fire.


By hardening your entire body, you nullify enemy attacks. It also stops you from cowering when attacked. A simple but very powerful power.


While activated, evasive maneuvers will change to teleportation, greatly improving evasion capabilities. Instantly shorten the distance between you and the locked-on enemy and attack.


Grasp the position of invisible enemies and be able to see through them even in poor visibility.

This makes it easier to activate perfect dodges, which is triggered by evading enemy attacks with precision timing.

Activate a “Read Attack” immediately after a perfect dodge. You will be able to deal great damage to your enemy and knock them down.


Able to vanish from sight and act undetected by enemies. This allows you to explore, recover, and revive safely while avoiding combat.


Move at high speed. The surroundings appear as if time is stopped. A compelling ability that is effective in all aspects.


Enhances psychokinesis attacks by duplicating objects from psychokinesis attacks. In addition, duplicating yourself increases the number of hits of your weapon attacks, an extremely powerful power.


Grants an electrical charge to weapon attacks and telekinetic attacks. It boosts attack power and can put enemies in a “Shock” status.” It also increases the attack range and makes it easier to attack enemies in midair.

Special Objects

Some objects can trigger a powerful follow-up attack with a successful supplemental command among the objects that can be handled with psychokinesis. They take a long time to activate and consume a lot of psychokinesis gauge, but they deal massive damage to enemies and have additional effects such as status ailments.


Maneuver the bulldozer to crash into the enemy. Use the left stick to launch an attack.

Barrel (Water)

After hitting an enemy with a barrel, draw out the water inside and strike the enemy.

Family Trainer (English ver.) coming on Nintendo Switch on 3rd September 2021 in Southeast Asia

Family Trainer (English ver.) will finally makes its debut on Nintendo Switch on 3rd September 2021 in Southeast Asia! Family Trainer will let players work out in a variety of easy-to-do, engaging and fun activities. The game will combine the Nintendo Joy Con Controllers and Leg Strap in order to let players use their whole body in a series of heart pumping mini games.

Simple controls and intuitive play make the game easy to pick up and play, and let players of any age get physical while having fun. The game also features a multiplayer mode* that will let players go head-to-head to see who can get the highest score or work together as a team to achieve a common goal.

* Two sets of Nintendo Joy Con are needed to use the multiplayer mode

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom PRINCE’S EDITION will be released on Nintendo Switch on 17 September 2021

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom PRINCE’S EDITION, the critically acclaimed game developed by LEVEL-5 that features character design from legendary artist Yoshiyuki Momose and music by world-famous composer Joe Hisaishi, arrives on Nintendo Switch on 17 September 2021.

Players will follow the story of Evan Pettwhisker Tildrum, a kid who lost his promised throne in the kingdom of Ding Dong Dell and sets himself on a quest to establish a new kingdom, thus uniting his world under a reign of happiness and freedom with the help of the friends he will make along his journey.

The PRINCE’S EDITION will, in addition to the standard game, contain the following DLCs:

  • Adventure Pack, with new outfits and items along with the Faraway Forest Cave random dungeon and new threats for Evan’s kingdom
  • The Lair of the Lost Lord in which Evan will set on a new extraordinary quest in a new world. New items, equips and a new dungeon, Labyrinth, are also included in the DLC
  • The Tale of a Timeless Tone. During a dream, Evan meets a rabbit-headed man who calls himself the “Conductor”. Players will explore Evan’s dream and find the goal of all this. New content also included along with the Solosseum Slog dungeon.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered

PC , PS4

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Nintendo Switch , PC , PS4