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Brain Punk Action RPG SCARLET NEXUS Is Available Now

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia releases the latest brain punk action RPG Scarlet Nexus for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, PlayStation 4 in Southeast Asia today (Steam® version will be released on 25th June 2021).

Join the ranks of the Other Suppression Force, home of the best psionic warriors, and take the control of either Yuito or Kasane for some thrilling psychokinesic action and a unique perspective on the story depending on your initial choice.

Yuito fights with close-ranged attacks thanks to his swords, while Kasane specializes in mid-ranged attacks with flying knives. Pick the one that fits your playstyle best and dive into New Himuka to fight the Others alongside your party members, from which you’ll be able to borrow powers such as Pyrokinesis, Teleportation, Invisibility, Duplication and many more.

Enjoy the latest launch trailer revealed today as well: https://youtu.be/7EZ-rQo19tA

Collaboration Illustrations are now available on official Twitter

Original illustrations drawn by artists from BANDAI NAMCO Studios are being revealed daily just before launch. On release date today, the Yuito and Kasane teams’ illustrations by Tamami Ishikawa (石川 珠実), the concept artist of this work as been revealed!

Follow the official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/SNX_RS

Quest for “Hidden Codes”, a special feature linked to the TV anime “SCARLET NEXUS”

“Hidden Code Quest” will be held in conjunction with the TV anime “SCARLET NEXUS” coming soon to local broadcasting platforms on 1st July 2021 across Southeast Asia.

A code to fulfill Mimi’s request is hidden in each episode of the SCARLET NEXUS anime show.

By watching the show, find and decipher the codes to get passwords (text) for the top-secret files Mimi* left behind. Give the passwords to Musubi in the game and get in-game rewards.

One Hidden Code quest will be unlocked per episode. There will be 13 episodes and 13 quests.

Enjoy SCARLET NEXUS TV anime series on the following platform across Southeast Asia:

・Ani One Asia(South East Asia, Central Asia)
・True Digital(Philippines)
・meWATCH, Catchplay(Singapore)
・Bilibili(South East Asia)

*Mimi is a character (not seen anywhere in the game or anime) who is an OSF member writing codes all over the world of the SCARLET NEXUS anime.
*You need to update the game to the latest version in order to receive the request for Hidden Code quest.
*Gameplay must be completed until Phase 2.

How to receive bonuses: In-game Shop

How to receive early-purchase, pre-order, store original or Demo Edition bonuses

Access the tab “Accept” to receive bonuses that are available.
*Users need to update the game to the newest version in order to execute the above.

– Start the game and visit the shop (yellow-vested character and bike) after finishing the tutorial part of the game.
 Access the tab “Accept” to receive bonuses that are available.
*Users need to update the game to the newest version in order to execute the above.

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