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Character’s Mystic Artes, Party Members, and more information about the World in Tales of Arise revealed

Release Date: 9 September 2021, 10 September for STEAM® only
Genres: Role Playing (RPG)
Platform(s): PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, STEAM®
No. of players: 1
Copyrights: Tales of Arise™ & ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

In this update, we’re pleased to reveal more game information in the world of Tales of Arise:

Character’s Mystic Artes revealed
The “Mystic Artes” familiar to the “Tales of” series have been unveiled
Check out the great moves that bring out the characters’ individuality

The innermost thoughts of the party members
– What is on the four characters’ minds as they take on the battle, and what are their innermost thoughts?

Dahna, a planet that is being divided and stripped off its Astral Arte
– Dahna, a subjugated planet that once celebrated the fertile land.
– We’ll learn about the Dahna resistance force formed to fight against Rena’s despotism!

Character’s Mystic Artes

In “Tales of Arise”, Mystic Artes will be performed by high quality 3D models with impressive effects that have never been seen before. Stay tuned for further information on activation conditions and whether there are more secrets techniques for each character.

The classic technique from the “Tales of” series will also make an appearance!

You can set up three types of Ground Attacks and three types of Aerial Attacks in this game. In addition, by using the simultaneous button presses, you can set up 3 more techniques each, for a total of 12 techniques. You can enjoy three-dimensional combat using not only Ground Attack but also Aerial Attack.

The game’s battle style will be introduced in a future update, with a series of attacks that combine normal attacks, special techniques, and the new Boost Attack.

The innermost thoughts of the party members

The Dahnan slave who raises his Blazing Sword in rebellion.

A young man wakes up wearing a mysterious mask and with no memory of anything.

The Dadnans are collapsing amid their daily toil, and the Renans look on as if to ridicule them. Alphen, who has no memory, is very resentful of the scene, which has become an everyday occurrence for the Dahnans.

After an encounter with Shionne, Alphen picks up the Blazing Sword and sets out to win his freedom by overthrowing the lords in various regions and destroying the walls that separate the lands.

A mysterious heroine hunted by her own people.

While being hunted by Rena’s soldiers despite being a Renan, she meets
Alphen. She cooperates with Alphen not only in battle but also heals him using
astral artes. She is labeled as a “traitor” by Balseph, the Lord of

Why was she being chased by Rena’s soldiers?

And in a place where it’s unusual for Dahnans and Renans even to speak, what
is she trying to accomplish, even if it means using the Dahnans?

Descendant of an oppressed family that lived in hiding.

Rinwell’s family was called “Mage” because they could use Astral Artes despite being Dahnans. Perhaps because of their unique existence, they have lived in hiding from the Renans and their fellow Dahnans.

Hearing rumors of Calaglia’s Blazing Sword, she appears before Alphen and Shionne, hoping to free Cyslodia.

However, Rinwell’s experience has made her even more hostile toward Rena than others, and she is conflicted about sharing the journey with Shionne, a Renan.

A youth who betrayed his people and became Rena’s pawn.

A Dahna youth who belongs to the secret police, the Snake Eyes, dedicated to making Rena’s reign stronger and more stable.

After reaching Cyslodia, Alphen and his group are confronted by a group of people who are trying to detain them as “disruptors.”

Why is he betraying the Dahnans and capturing his own people under the name of Rena’s organization? What is the past behind his anguished look he shows at times?

About the World

Dahna – The enslaved planet that once glorified for its fertile land.

Dahna, a planet that was once filled with lush greenery and nature.
However, 300 years ago, the planet was suddenly invaded by its neighboring planet, Rena, and its peace abruptly ended. The Renans controlled the land, and they have destroyed the culture and lives that have been cultivated in this land.
The Renans have also taken away the power that resides in all things, the “Astral Artes,” which has dramatically affected the climate and nature.

Rena – The reigning planet, once revered as the “The Land of the Gods.”

A planet that was once said to be the home of the gods and the resting place of the dead.
The Dahnans were forced to submit before the unprecedented technologies and the demons lead by Rena’s soldiers. The land of Dahna is divided and ruled by “walls” built by the Renans, and each land is ruled by a Lord, a representative of the Renans.
Alphen and his group set off on a journey to overthrow the Lords and destroy the “walls” that separate each region in order to restore freedom to Dahna.

The land stripped of its Astral Arte.

Calaglia – A land of eternal fire and ashes, where the fire astral energy is stripped away.

The Dahnans of this land are forced to work hard to accumulate the fire astral energy. The Dahnan slaves have a core embedded in their arms and are scorned as “Embedded” by the Renans.

On the contrary, the Renans were called “Bright Eyes” by the Dahnans because their eyes glowed when they used Astral Arte, and they despised it.

Cyslodia – The land that turned into frozen soil as the “Light” has been lost from the area.

In this land where “light” has been stolen from all around, the secret police called the “Snake Eyes” have been tipping off and capturing rebels to strengthen the rule of the Renans further. People are afraid of snitching, and even if they are Dahnans, they are not permitted to challenge Rena’s rule.

This is where they meet “Law,” a youth who stands in front of Alphen and his group as a member of the Snake Eyes.

Dahna’s resistance against Rena’s rule and oppression.

In each region, there is a resistance organization to Rena, formed by the Dahnans.

They work together with Alphen and his group, who have the Blazing Sword to overthrow and be liberated from the Lords.

However, they are not always praised as heroes by the people, as their acts of resistance and their struggles can further fuel Rena’s tyrannical rule.

The man who leads the Crimson Crows, a resistance group in Calaglia.

He is a man who calmly observes the situation from a bird’s-eye view, has the intellect to guide the members, and possesses outstanding fighting skills, earning the trust of his subordinates.
Together with Alphen and Shionne, he strives to overthrow the Calaglia’s Lord, Balseph.

He participates in battles as a supporting member, utilizing his strong body to overwhelm Rena’s soldiers and Zeugles with powerful blows.

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