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Code Vein DLC 3 & Patch V1.50

DLC 3 for PlayStation®4/Xbox One/STEAM® has been released on March 25th, 2020.

Confront a Horror of the Great Collapse, the “Lord of Thunder.” A Horror of the Great Collapse, the “Lord of Thunder,” which utilizes lightning attacks appears.

– The “Lord of Thunder” specializes in lightning and can enhance itself with lightning energy amplified inside its body.
– Dodge severer attacks as it enhances itself and smash it with a full-power swing.
> The “Lord of Thunder” upgrades itself up to three times as its color changes
Receive Rewards by Completing “Horror Hunting Trials” – You can receive the following by fulfilling designated requirements during the battle against the “Lord of Thunder.” Check requirements to fulfill in Horror Hunting Trials that will give you rewards you want and defeat the Horror.
Jack/Eva: Dark Ver. Alternate Ver. – You can explore with a partner in a costume that differs from the standard one.
“Váli,” a blood code patterned after the power of the “Lord of Thunder – A blood code with power inherited from the “Lord of Thunder.” The code has a powerful lightning Gift and a fast-move Gift.

– The code also enables the player to move with reckless abandon; move a long distance in a moment and smash foes with wide-range attacks.

*The player can learn a gift that is deficient through receiving rewards by completing “Horror Hunting Trials.”
Orion Core Fragment – The player can obtain a high dexterity and mind-focused blood code, “Orion,” by receiving Orion Core Fragment.
– This blood code is optimized for ranged combat and enables the player to shoot powerful projectile attacks that deal piercing damage.
Weapons, Blood Veils affected by “the Lord of Thunder” – In the 3rd DLC, three (3) types of new weapons can be obtained.
– One-handed sword, Bayonet and Halberd are all affected by “the Lord.” Charged Attack can add the lightning element to these weapons.

There are three (3) types of Blood Veils. Each has great abilities with high Elemental Defense and Stat Scaling.
Face Paint – You can obtain new items such as accessories that were designed with the blood code (as its motif) obtainable in the 3rd DLC
– In addition to face paints and accessories designed with Jack/Eva icons, blood codes and other stuffs as its motifs.
New Depths Map: the “Eternal Abyss.” – Added a gloomy valley part of the depths with tree roots stretching everywhere.

Be ready for an attack at any moment and explore because the guile Lost are hiding behind giant roots covering rock walls.
Keep going while watching out surroundings in order to search suspicious areas. There are many places you might fail to notice such as a poor-footing higher ground or a path hiding under roots.

*After purchasing the DLC, you can find the map for the depths of the “Eternal Abyss” in the room added to the hallway connecting to the provisional government outskirts from the Crypt Spire.
*During a 2nd or subsequent playthrough, the player can examine a note added nearby Davis at the base and head for the room added to the hallway beyond the Crypt Spire boss area, without completion of the “Crypt Spire.”
Items Obtainable during Exploration– Perseus Core Fragmnet

– You can obtain a blood code, Perseus, which has high “willpower” and “mind” by repairing the Perseus Core Fragment.
It specializes in both light and dark Gifts. The player can learn useful offensive skills regardless of distance.
Asclepius Vestige Part – You can use a new Gift of the blood code, “Asclepius,” by repairing the “Asclepius Vestige Part.”
– It also reveals one of memory echoes of a Successor who sealed Horrors.

Purchasing all DLC packs can reveal all of the “memory echoes,” and the player can learn the last Gift, “Zero Recast.”

Update Ver.1.50 for PlayStation®4/Xbox One/STEAM® has been released on March 24th, 2020.

System Added You can now replay event cutscenes that you have seen in the past at “Hot Spring” inside the base.
– After entering Hot Spring, you can replay event cutscenes that you want to see by pressing “Watch Memory” in “Look Back on Past Memories.”

During a 2nd or subsequent playthrough, you can now go to “depths” of charged downloaded contents without completion of the “Crypt Spire.”
– After the player examines a note added nearby Davis who is at the base, the map for the depths of charged downloaded contents can be found in the room added to the hallway beyond the Crypt Spire boss area.
to Photo
– Added a new feature that applies the player’s “mask display settings” to your partner.
– You can now take a photo of facial expressions of your partner during exploration and battle scenes.

A new real-time mode has been added to Photo Mode.
You can now adjust photo timing more easily by switching the existing “Stationary Mode” and “Real-Time Mode” during Photo Mode.
Added an option that specifies the Pose of the player and his/her partner.
After entering Photo Mode, you can view the player’s Pose by choosing one among Gesture motions.
You can also specify the motion of your partner.

You can now enter Photo Mode during multiplayer.
Please enjoy taking photos with other revenants.
* Photo Mode during multiplayer is always in “Real-Time Mode.”

Added new photo frames and Special Effects.
Content Added Added new gestures.
Other InformationYou can now sit on the piano bench inside the base.
You can play the piano by pressing controller buttons while sitting on the bench.

– Fixed a number of bugs and Issues


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