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DORAEMON Story of Seasons Free Update Ver. 1.1.0 & Patch Ver. 1.1.1

Title Update (Ver. 1.1.0 for Nintendo Switch, Ver. 1.1.0 for PS4, Ver. 1.10 for PS4, Ver. 1.1.0 for Steam)

Thank you for playing DORAEMON Story of Seasons on PlayStation🄬4, Nintendo Switch™ and Steam.

With the release of the PlayStation®4 version, the following free updates will be available for all platforms. We hope you will enjoy the exciting life on the ranch as you discover new things and meet new people.

Release date:
Nintendo Switch™/PlayStation🄬4: 30th July 2020
Steam: To be released at a later date.

【Update Details】

■New pet “Dolphin” added

■New secret gadgets: “Farm Restaurant”, “Cupid’s Arrow”, “The Bartering Machine” added.

※”Secret gadgets” will be added to Corobockle Shop during gameplay.

■”Star Furniture Set” added for home furniture.

※Furniture is added to carpentry shop.

■Added piano, explorer’s bag, birdcage for home furniture

※Furniture is added to carpentry shop.

■Added new items that can be placed at the ranch: “Golden Noby”, “Golden Sue”, “Golden Sneech”, “Golden Big G” and “Concrete pipes”.

※Items are added to carpentry shop.

■Added new items that can be placed at the ranch: “Coelacanth Statue”, “Anomalocaris Statue”, “Mendaiko Statue” and “Giant Spiderworm Statue”.

※Items are added to carpentry shop.。

■20 new fish species added to catch

■Some text has been corrected.

※Text correction is only available for the PS4 version.

■Purchase price of items available at the grocery store will be adjusted.

Will be adjusted as follows:

※This update will be only for the PS4 version.

※Already adjusted on Nintendo Switch/STEAM versions in past updates.

Turnip seeds 50G→30G

Potato seeds 90G→50G

Cabbahe seeds 170G→90G

Cucumber seeds 150G→80G

Strawberry seeds 290G→150G

Cauliflower seeds 150G→80G

Pea seeds 160G→80G

Marguerite seeds 70G→40G

Campanula seeds 130G→70G

Carnation seeds 150G→80G

Corn seeds 270G→140G

Onion seeds 60G→30G

Pumpkin seeds 40G→20G

Watermelon seeds 70G→40G

Tomato seeds 220G→110G

Melon seeds 270G→140G

Pineapple seeds 200G→100G

Paprika seeds 160G→80G

Sunflower seeds 150G→80G

Morning glory seeds 70G→40G

Lily seeds 130G→70G

Hibiscus seeds 70G→40G

Red Rose seeds 100G→50G

Burdock seeds 100G→50G

Carrot seeds 150G→80G

Sweet potato seeds 80G→40G

Spinach seeds 50G→30G

Eggplant seeds 130G→70G

Bell pepper seeds 170G→90G

Sea cucumber seeds 90G→50G

Gerbera seeds 180G→90G

Daikon seeds 40G→20G

Chinese cabbage seeds 150G→80G

Broccoli seeds 110G→60G

Snowdrop seeds 100G→50G

Grass seeds 60G→30G

Wheat seeds 100G→50G

■Improvements to stability and usability


Confirmed a bug causing the game to freeze upon using “secret gadget” “Animal Exchange Machine”, which was added in the title update for “Nintendo Switch Ver.1.1.0/PS4 Ver.1.10/Steam Ver.1.10”.

If you encounter this problem, please try restarting the game (in this case, the game will return to the last saved scene).

“Ver.1.1.1 for Nintendo Switch/Ver.1.11 for PS4/Ver.1.11 for Steam” will resolve this issue.

We hope for your continuous support of DORAEMON Story of Seasons.

Title Update (Ver. 1.1.1 for Nintendo Switch, Ver. 1.11 for PS4, Ver. 1.1.1 for Steam)

Thank you for playing DORAEMON Story of Seasons on PlayStation🄬4, Nintendo Switch™ and Steam.

The following title update will be implemented.

Release date:
PS4 version: 30th July 2020

Nintendo Switch version: Coming soon (details to be announced on the official product website and Twitter)

Steam version: To be released at a later date.

【Update Details】

Improved stability.

Thank you for continued support of DORAEMON Story of Seasons.

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