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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to release a free update for DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT for PlayStation®4/Xbox One/ and Steam, which includes a full-fledged card battle game ” DRAGON BALL CARD WARRIORS.” Stay tuned for the PV on “DRAGON BALL CARD WARRIORS” releasing together with the free update!

Official Website: https://dbar.bn-ent.net/

Today’s free update allows players to play “DRAGON BALL CARD WARRIORS, ” a full-fledged card battle game.

Start playing “DRAGON BALL CARD WARRIORS” straight from the title screen or in the game’s card game console, and it can also be played online against other players.

To play CARD WARRIORS, you will need to connect your console to the Internet.

The PlayStation®4 version requires a subscription to PlayStation Plus (paid subscription), while the Xbox One version requires a subscription to Xbox Live Gold.

※Please note that to play online on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you will need to subscribe to PS Plus separately.

You will use a deck of 30 cards in the match, consisting of 25 normal cards and 5 powerful SP cards. Activate each card’s “effect,” such as a powerful special move or summoning another card by fulfilling the given requirements.

Obtain new cards by exchanging coins and card tickets that can be earned by completing Card Battle missions and collecting Carddass from Z Encyclopedia.

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