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DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ – Version 1.14 Patch Notes

PS4/ Xbox One/ Nintendo Switch/ PC Version 1.14 Update Notes (As of January 30, 2019)
An update version 1.14 has been implemented for Dragon Ball FighterZ and includes adjustments to the battle system.

Battle System Changes

[General System]

Health Recovery upon taking damage

  • Reduce the amount of recoverable health when damaged. (Excluding invincible moves)

Ki Gauge

  • Decrease the amount of Ki Gauge gained when receiving damage from Super Attacks and Meteor Attacks, and increase the amount of Ki Gauge gained when receiving damage from other attacks.
  • For a short period of time after using the Ki Gauge, the overall amount of Ki Gauge gained is now reduced.

Mid-Air Smash Attack

  • When the condition for a camera change is met, the camera effect will occur regardless of the height of the character’s position now.

Invincible Special Moves

  • Z Assist and Ultimate Z Change will now be unusable during Invincible Special Moves aside from when it hits.


Powered-up Special Move

  • Reduce the amount of Recoverable Health when receiving damage from Power-up Special Moves. (Excluding invincible moves)

Super Attack

  • Reduce the amount of damage dealt when a move other than Ultimate Z Change connects after a Super Attack hits.
  • It is now easier to successfully connect Ultimate Z Change after Super Attacks.

All Meteor Attacks

  • Increased the minimum damage of all Meteor Attacks.


  • Sparking! can now be used while blocking. (Includes blocking in mid-air)
  • While Sparking! is active, reduce the amount of recoverable health of the opponent when damage is dealt to them. (Excluding invincible moves)
  • Increased the start up frames of Sparking! aside from when cancelled from an attack.

Vanish Move

  • Camera change is easier to occur when cancelled from an attack.


  • You will be invincible to the opponent’s Sparking! activation after a successful Z-Reflect against an opponent’s attack.

All Throw Moves, Dragon Rush

  • Specific throw moves and Dragon Rush cannot connect more than once within a combo.

Dragon Rush

  • Decreased the amount of Ki gauge gained and damage dealt.
  • After a Dragon Rush during mid-combo, camera change will not occur for subsequent hits.

Mid-air Dragon Rush

  • The opponent will ground slide after a mid-air Dragon Rush during a combo.

Guard Cancel Change

  • Invincible state will now last until coming into contact or in close vicinity with the opponent.
  • Increased the recovery frames and landing recovery frames when blocked.

Ground Backstep

  • Increase the distance travelled.

Shenron (Revive Allies)

  • Increased the health of the revived ally.

Shenron (Make me Immortal)

  • Increased the health recovery rate.

Ground Recovery

  • Reduced the collision from mid-air opponent.

Delayed Ground Recovery

  • Until completely down, you will now be able to perform the different ground recovery options.

Dramatic Finish

  • Vanish Move will also trigger Dramatic Finish now.

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