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DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ – Version 1.15 Update Notes

Version 1.15 Update Notes (PS4/ Xbox One/ Nintendo Switch/ PC) (As of 27 March, 2019)

An update version 1.15 has been implemented for Dragon Ball FighterZ and includes adjustments to the system mechanics and battle system.

Battle Related Changes


Standing Light Attack: Follow-up 2

  • Can now be linked to a Z Change.
  • Will always knock the opponent forward on hit.

Jump Light Attack

  • Fixed an issue in which a Super Combo would not occur if the attack connected at a low position in the air.

Jump Strong Attack

  • Descent is faster during a camera shift.
  • Shortened the amount of sliding knockdown when the attack hits.
  • Can only transition to a Z Change when performed in a grounded Z Combo.

Mid-air Dragon Rush

  • Characters descend faster when the attack lands in a combo.


  • Adjusted hurtboxes during crouching and movement (actions other than attacks).


  • Increased the base damage of the attack.


  • Fixed an issue in which damage scaling would not apply when a projectile connected during an attack.

Sub-character Attacks

  • Fixed an issue in which guard direction would be reversed if a sub character’s projectile flew past the opponent.

Moves Changed:

  • Android 18: Grounded Support Attack (Unique), Support Attack (Heavy)
  • Captain Ginyu: Unique Attack, Together We Are…the Ginyu Force!
  • Nappa: Saibaman (Acid)
  • Videl: Crouching Unique Attack

Button Settings

  • Simple Dash can be set to “Normal” or “Off”.
  • Simple Z Change can be set to “Normal”, “Down Input”, and “Off”.

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The following are summaries of changes made for each character. For the full list of detailed changes, please refer here.

Android 16

  • Jumping ↓ + heavy attack can no longer be guarded while crouching, giving Android 16 more ways to open up the opponent.
  • The medium and heavy versions of Gliding Powerbomb can now be followed up.

Android 17

  • Accel Driver’s follow-ups are now much stronger and have better reward on hit.
  • Barrier Explosion can now be triggered on the ground and has invincibility on start-up.

Android 18

  • Her standing light attack is now faster, strengthening her pressure game.
  • It’s now easier to follow up after her ↓ + heavy attack.

Android 21

  • Connoisseur Cut can now be followed up with Hors d’Oeuvre Stab.
  • Android 21 can only absorb one move at a time, but each absorbed move is stronger now.


  • Raging Meteor has different properties on hit, making for greater return.
  • The mid-air diagonal version of Riot Javelin now slams the opponent diagonally downward.


  • Jumping medium attack is easier to land on opponents that are guarding while crouching.
  • It’s now easier to follow up after the heavy version of Sphere of Destruction. Try out both the up and down versions of the attack!


  • It’s now easier to achieve knockdown at the end of combos with Gigantic Strike.
  • The heavy attack + unique attack version of Eraser Cannon now behaves differently.

Captain Ginyu

  • Two new attack patterns have been added for Together We Are…the Ginyu Force!
  • Guldo can now appear at a distance, and Burter can now appear on the ground.


  • Better reward when an opponent’s guard is broken with Rolling Crush. It’s the perfect opportunity to fire off a Super Attack!
  • Follow-ups can now be performed after a mid-air Perfect Attack, which can lead to some high-damaging combos.


  • Genocidal Uppercut is now easier to use and is easier to be followed up on hit.
  • The medium and heavy versions of Death Chaser will now have the advantage even when guarded.


  • Standing and crouching light attacks now have faster start-up.
  • Death Saucer is now easier to use; you’ll have the advantage even when it’s blocked, making it great for pressure.

Gohan (Adult)

  • It’s now easier to follow Machine Gun Kick with a Super Attack.
  • Greater reward on Ultimate Back Attack.

Gohan (Teen)

  • Follow-ups to 5-Hit Combo can now be performed with the heavy attack button. The attack can also combo from mid-screen.
  • The light version of Flying Kick is now easier to combo into Super Attacks.


  • Crouching unique attack: follow-up 2 now causes knockdown and can be canceled into Special Moves.
  • Back Throw has different properties when it connects, making for greater return.

Goku Black

  • Holding forward during the standing unique attack will launch a faster projectile.
  • The medium version of Fierce God Kick is now easier to use in mid-air combos.

Goku (SSGSS)

  • Dragon Flash Kick is now extra strong. The medium version is easier to combo into, and the heavy version can be followed up.
  • x10 Kamehameha moves further and is easier to land from a variety of other moves.

Goku (Super Saiyan)

  • Dragon Flash Fist has different properties on hit, making for greater return.
  • Goku now moves further forward during ↓ + heavy attack, making it easier to use in air combos.


  • The heavy version of Miracle Super Punch is now stronger, making for greater reward on hit.
  • Galactic Donuts can now be followed up, making it easier to catch opponents who evade the attack.


  • Guard Breaker is easier to follow up on hit after it crosses up the opponent.
  • Death Blow now spends all bars of Ki. The more Ki spent, the greater the damage!


  • Standing light attack: follow-up 1 can now be followed by a crouching light attack.
  • Standing heavy attack is now faster, making it easier to grab the opponent.

Kid Buu

  • The light version of Mystic Ball Attack no longer has a bounce, making it easier to differentiate it from other versions.
  • Mystic Arm Swing now has different properties. Using it at the end of combos will cause knockdown.


  • Ki Blasts are now stronger. You can also combo into Afterimage and cause knockdown.
  • Afterimage has different movement on the ground, making for new ways to toy with your opponent.

Majin Buu

  • Cartwheel has been powered up on hit. Use it as a follow-up to cause knockdown.
  • Heavy Dive Bomb now binds the opponent on hit.


  • His standing unique attack is now a two-hit attack and can cancel out other Ki Blasts.
  • For the heavy version of the Saibaman attack, the player can now choose what attack the Saibaman uses while Nappa is planting it.


  • Demon Elbow can now be used in combos against airborne opponents.
  • It’s now easier to follow up with other attacks after Hellzone Grenade.


  • Crane Strike now has different properties on hit, making for a better reward when the opponent is opened up.
  • Tri-Beam can now be followed-up if the button is held, giving Tien two different patterns for the attack.


  • Shining Slash has been powered up. The medium version of the attack can still pressure the opponent even when it’s blocked.
  • Cyclone Jump can now be followed up with a variety of attacks. Cyclone Buster has also received a power boost.


  • Deadly Knee Drop is now easier to use at the end of combos.
  • It’s now easier for I have no use for Saiyans that can’t move to cancel into Special Moves, and is easier to be followed up.

Vegeta (SSGSS)

  • Super Dash Kick is much stronger now and should make for some extra speedy pressure.
  • It’s now easier to grab the opponent with On a scale of one to ten, I’ll give you a three!

Vegeta (Super Saiyan)

  • Consecutive Energy Blast is now faster, helping with long-distance pressure.
  • Final Flash causes sliding knockdown even when performed high in the air.

Vegito (SSGSS)

  • It’s now easier to grab the opponent with Atomic Buster. It can also be used against an opponent’s Vanish.
  • Final Kamehameha at the end of combos will cause knockdown.


  • It’s now easier to connect standing medium attacks.
  • It’s now easier to Vanish and use Great Saiyaman at the same time.


  • All of the follow-up variants of Wolf Fang Fist can now be used even if the attack misses.
  • Wolf Fang Fist: Gale Claws can now be used as a follow-up to counter airborne opponents.

Zamasu (Fused)

  • All normal attacks have been powered up. The hitbox for ↓ + heavy attack has been enlarged.
  • Attacks during Heaven’s Flash are now stronger, making it easier for Zamasu to dominate the opponent.

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