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Explore your nightmares with Derren Brown in latest LITTLE NIGHTMARES II video

We’re happy to invite you to watch the latest terrifying video for Little Nightmares II, featuring award-winning illusionist and mentalist Derren Brown. Known for his commercially successful tv shows and critically acclaimed stage shows, Derren asks the world ‘What are Nightmares’?

Set within the warped and twisted reality of the Little Nightmares world, Derren takes you on a journey through your deepest fears and nightmares. He explores the depths of what you feel and dread as you try to escape the dark void you find yourself thrown into. Discover your own nightmares and find the answers to your own important questions – is the nightmare a dream or is it a reality?

Little Nightmares II will be available starting 10th February 2021 on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, 11th February 2021 on Xbox One and PC via Steam, and later in 2021 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X with a free upgrade for owners of the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version. For more information about Little Nightmares II or other BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia products, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

About Derren Brown

Born in Croydon, UK, in 1971, Derren traces his interest in magic and psychological techniques to childhood, but it was only later, at Bristol University, where he reluctantly studied Law and German, that he started to delve more seriously into the stranger edges of human experience and what they might mean to us.

After graduating, Derren forewent an international legal career and concentrated on developing his performance skills. He was able to pay the bills by working as a magician and hypnotist with a side line in portraiture.

His big break came in 1999 when he was asked by the UK’s Channel 4 to put a TV show together. The result, DERREN BROWN: MIND CONTROL, was shown in 2000, proving an immediate success and winning a coveted Rose d’Or. Since then, re-defining magic through must-see TV and stage events, Derren has exhilarated audiences world-wide with a never-equalled brand of mind-control, suggestion, showmanship and illusion.

His name has become synonymous with the art of psychological manipulation in the UK, and he has gained a reputation as a performer prepared to constantly challenge and break down boundaries.

Amongst a varied and notorious TV career, Derren has played Russian Roulette live, convinced middle-managers to commit armed robbery, led the nation in a séance, stuck viewers at home to their sofas, successfully predicted the National Lottery, motivated a shy man to land a packed passenger plane at 30,000 feet, hypnotised another to assassinate Stephen Fry and created a zombie apocalypse for an unwitting participant after dramatically ending the world.

In THE PUSH (streaming on Netflix), he exposed the psychological secrets of obedience and social compliance with terrifying results, again creating must-watch television and passionate media debate worldwide. His show MIRACLE (which blows the roof off the dark world of evangelical faith-healing) is also a popular choice on Netflix. Derren’s most recent TV special, SACRIFICE, also steaming on Netflix, astonished audiences around the world as he attempted to persuade someone to make the ultimate sacrifice: lay down his life for a complete stranger.

In 2020, the great man celebrated twenty years on Channel 4 with DERREN BROWN, 20 YEARS OF MIND CONTROL: LIVE, a dedicated night honouring some of his most jaw-dropping moments on TV. 

He has won various awards, which include a 2012 Best Entertainment BAFTA for DERREN BROWN: THE EXPERIMENTS, an RTS Award for Best Entertainment Programme (THE EXPERIMENTS) and a 2010 Broadcast Award for DERREN BROWN: THE EVENTS).

He has toured every year since 2003 with a series of live shows, which have won him two prestigious Olivier Awards – for SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES (2006) and SVENGALI (2012). In 2018 he received his fifth nomination, for UNDERGROUND. This means Derren has had the largest number of nominations and wins for one-person shows in the history of the Olivier Awards. 

In 2017 Derren recently made an enthusiastically embraced stage debut at the Atlantic Theater in New York with his show SECRET, winning the 2018 NY Drama Desk award for Unique Theatrical Entertainment. The show transferred to Broadway, in Nov 2019, enjoying a sell-out season at The Cort Theatre until early Jan 2020.

As an author, Derren has received much praise for his best-selling books, TRICKS OF THE MIND, CONFESSIONS OF A CONJUROR and HAPPY, which have, collectively, sold over a million copies worldwide. Transworld recently published A LITTLE HAPPIER, condensing the lessons of Derren Brown’s Sunday Times bestseller HAPPY into a series of thoughtful and inspiring mini-chapters.

Privately, Derren paints and photographs. His book PORTRAITS offers a collection of his early paintings, which have been exhibited at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London. A book of his street photography, MEET THE PEOPLE WITH LOVE, has been released, again by Transworld. Examples of his accomplished work can be viewed on his website and Instagram page. 

He is currently preparing for SHOWMAN, a new UK tour for 2021.www.derrenbrown.co.uk

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