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GOD EATER 3 – Coming to Nintendo Switch

SINGAPORE12 April, 2019 – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia has today announced that monster hunting action game GOD EATER 3 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on 12 July, 2019.

In a world ravaged by powerful beasts known as Aragami, God Eaters are the last hope of humanity, wielding fantastic God Arcs capable of destroying the monsters. Now on the Nintendo Switch® players can tackle these beasts head-on anytime and anywhere.

In GOD EATER 3, players can create their own character and customise their fighting style with a huge array of God Arcs to wield or techniques to learn. Those that choose to take on the Aragami will be able to team with CPU controlled allies or in a group of eight players online. Players can also play with up to three friends locally, with four connected Nintendo Switch consoles.

GOD EATER 3 will be available for the Nintendo Switch on 12 July, 2019.

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6 Nov 18
GOD EATER 3 releases on 8th February 2019 on PlayStation 4 and PC Digital.
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28 Jun 19
A new patch 1.40 for GOD EATER 3 has been released for PlayStation®4 and STEAM. New content "Time Attack Mission" has been added as well as additional new costumes that players can earn as a reward of the time attack missions. Read on for the full list of battle adjustments.
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Patch version 1.22 has been implemented to fix the phenomena related to Bullet Editor, as well as improve the controller input speed. More details regarding the development progress of upcoming patch version 1.30 are also shared in this update.