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Gundam G Generation Cross Ray Patch V1.60

PlayStation®4/Nintendo Switch™/STEAM®

“SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays” Update Notification


Update Version

  Ver. 1.60

PS4 version/NSW version update launch date

5/27/2020 (Wed)

STEAM version update launch date

5/28/2020 (Thu)

Update Overview

■Made compatible with new, paid-for DLC “Expansion Pack.”

■Added “Limit Break” function

・Added a “Limit Break” function to the character level up screen.

All of the following are expanded when Limit Break is used on a character.

  • Can level up beyond level 100.  
  • Can level up to “former value +999” with status level up with capital.
  • Can also level up status by using limit break points.
  • Some characters can use limit break points to add ability equipment slots. 

・Added “Limit Break” function to the unit enhance screen.

All of the following are expanded when Limit Break is used on a unit.

  • Can level up beyond level 100.
  • Maximum status values increase when enhance points are allocated to them.
  • Option part equipment slots added.

*Capital is necessary for “Limit Break.”

*You can receive a certain amount of limit break points for a character by “enacting limit break” or “leveling up above level 100.”

■Expanded player character functions

・You can now select the “uniform” and “pilot suit” outfits.

・Added one type of outfit pattern to male and female outfits (new outfits cannot be set with no face shadow).

・Added a “helmet on/off” toggle function to some outfits.

・Added new selectable voices.

■Expanded config functions

・Added a “undeployed units only” search to the unit search in the “controls “ tab.

・Added a function to apply BGM settings to guest characters and enemy characters in the “sound” tab.


■Notification about paid DLC “expansion pack”

These are the main adjustments made in the “Inferno” difficulty added in the expansion pack.

We respectfully ask for your understanding in these adjustments.

・Some enemies appear with special character abilities.

・Some enemies appear with special option parts equipped.

・Some enemies appear in an excited state.

・Cannot use HP recovery-type MAP weapons.

・Group area and command area of Leadership adjusted.

・Adjusted damage of battleship and attack alignments.

・Adjusted critical activation chance of battleship and attack alignments.

・Adjusted EXP gained from battleship and attack alignments.

・Adjusted damage of support attacks based on number of people participating.

・Adjusted POW and range correction of the weapon effect “Awakening.”

・Limited MP increase from the unit ability “Knight of Light.”

・Limited the damage reduction accuracy, and dodge correction to the unit ability “Golden Guardragon.”

・Adjusted the effect of the unit ability “Mobile Trace System.”

・Slightly adjusted the effect of the character ability “Adversity.”

・Adjusted the effect of the character ability “Overpower.”

・Set a limit to the amount of HP and EN recovery for the character ability “Will of the Golden Dragon.”

・Set a limit to the amount of HP and EN recovery for the character ability “Spirit of the Algus Knights.”

■Notification about update Ver.1.60

With the level maximum unlocked, when a unit or character’s level gets above 100,

gaining experience in the existing (Normal, Hard, Extra, Hell) difficulties is more difficult. This is intentional.

Again, we kindly ask for your understanding.

The paid DLC “expansion pack” will be available starting on 5/28/2020 (Thu.).

*The paid DLC “expansion pack” is content separate from and not a part of the “season pass” being sold.

Please be aware of this when making your purchase.