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In The Depths

In The Depths
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The first chapter of Secrets of The Maw, the expansion pass of Little Nightmares is now available!
The expansion pass lets you play as the Runaway Kid, another prisoner looking for a way out of the Maw.

In The Depths, the story begins as some other kids organize an escape, but the Kid drops down into the Depths of the Maw. Little does he know that this murky place is home to The Granny – a creature abandoned to decay that will let no-one go. He must struggle on if he wants to survive, leap from floating debris to avoid being pulled into the treacherous waters, and find a way to create a path through the depths.

On his journey, The Kid will visit unseen areas of the Maw in 3 different chapters: The Depths, The Hideaway and a last secret location, offering a different perspective on Six’s adventures as well as new challenges to overcome.

The Expansion Pass Secrets of The Maw as well as the Complete Edition including the base game and the Expansion Pass are now available on PS4, XB1, Steam and GOG.



Nintendo Switch , PC , PS4 , XBOX One

Little Nightmares

Nintendo Switch , PC , PS4 , XBOX One

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