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JUMP FORCE – All Might Trailer


Detroit Smash! Carolina Smash! Oklahoma Smash!

ALL MIGHT from My Hero Academia will bring justice to Jump Force with all his best moves. ALL MIGHT will join the Jump Force roster in May 2019.


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JUMP FORCE Arena Event 30th April
4 May 20
Thank you for playing Jump Force. The following is an announcement of the event schedule. Event Arena Battle Period 2020/4/30 14:00 – 2020/5/7 13:59 GMT+8 Reward Distribution Time After 2020/5/7 13:59 GMT+8 Ranking Rewards First Prize Yardrat Costume (Top) Goku Costume (Bottom) Goku Costume (Feet) Event Ticket x30 Umbras Cube x5 Second Prize Goku Costume […]
Private: JUMP FORCE – Majin Buu
3 Jul 19
Majin Buu (Good) will officially join the cast of JUMP FORCE this Summer!
JUMP FORCE – Seto Kaiba Trailer
1 Apr 19
Seto Kaiba - President of the Kaiba Corporation and longtime rival of Yugi Muto will be making his way to JUMP FORCE soon as part of an upcoming DLC Season Pass in May 2019. Get a first look at Seto Kaiba in action with his signature Blue Eyes White Dragon.