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JUMP FORCE – Closed Beta Test

JUMP FORCE Closed Beta Schedule

  • Friday, 12 October (8pm-10pm UTC+8)
  • Saturday, 13 October (11am-1pm UTC+8)
  • Sunday, 14 October (12am-2am, 11am-1pm UTC+8)

The closed beta test is to gather player feedback and will help us to balance and optimise the gameplay before its release.

Take part in the test and tell us what you think about the game in this online survey. The survey will be up until Friday, 19 October @ 10:59pm UTC+8, and will take approximately 2 minutes to complete.

We look forward to seeing you in the closed beta.

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Private: JUMP FORCE – Release Delay of DLC Characters on Steam
30 Aug 19
A new patch (version 1.13) has been released and the DLC characters “Katsuki Bakugo” and “Majin Buu (Good)” are now playable. We will be releasing some items as a form of appreciation to players for their patience and support as we worked through the delay of releasing the DLC characters.
JUMP FORCE – Update Version 1.05
6 Mar 19
Update version 1.05 has been released on PS4/ Xbox One/ Steam and includes improvements to general stability and UI adjustments.
JUMP FORCE – Update Version 1.06
20 Mar 19
Update version 1.06 has been released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam and includes improvements to loading time, as well as other general improvements.