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Apologies for incorrect deliverables and item distribution for Nintendo Switch™ JUMP FORCE Deluxe Edition Early Purchase Bonus.

The Nintendo Switch™ JUMP FORCE Deluxe Edition, released on 27 August, should consist of six Early Purchase Bonuses, but only certain bonuses were delivered.

●All six Early Purchase Bonuses

・Frieza’s Small Pod

・3 Avatar Suits

・JUMP Starter Pack

・JUMP Logo T-shirt

・Pirate Logo T-shirt

・V JUMP Hoodie

●Missing Early Purchase Bonuses

・JUMP Logo T-shirt

・Pirate Logo T-shirt

・V JUMP Hoodie

For customers who have purchased Nintendo Switch™ JUMP FORCE Deluxe Edition and have not been able to obtain the above Early Purchase Bonuses, please contact us via our Social Media platforms. When you contact us, we will confirm your Early Purchase Bonus download code, so please have it ready in advance. As soon as we verify the download code, we will send you the download code of the missing Early Purchase Bonuses.

The following item will be included in the download code and distributed together with the missing Early Purchase Bonuses due to the delivery’s inadequacies.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers.

Thank you for your continued support of Jump Force Deluxe Edition.


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