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JUMP FORCE – Open Beta Test (Updated Jan 28)

The JUMP FORCE Open Beta Test is scheduled for 18-21 January, 2019 on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

JUMP FORCE Open Beta Schedule

  • Friday, 18 January (8pm-11pm UTC+8)
  • Saturday, 19 October (3pm-6pm UTC+8)
  • Sunday, 20 October (12am-3am UTC+8) RESCHEDULED
  • Monday, 21 October (4am-7am UTC+8) RESCHEDULED

The following will be available in the Open Beta Test:

  • Playable Character: 17 characters
  • Stage: 5 types
    • Matterhorn
    • New York
    • Hong Kong
    • Namek
    • Mexico
  • Preset Avatar: 6 types
  • Online VS
  • Online Lobby


List of characters appearing in the Open Beta Test:

  1. Goku
  2. Frieza
  3. Naruto
  4. Sasuke
  5. Luffy
  6. Zoro
  7. Hisoka
  8. Gon
  9. Ichigo
  10. Rukia
  11. Black Beard
  12. Vegeta
  13. Seiya
  14. Yusuke
  15. Toguro
  16. Kenshin
  17. Kenshiro

Players who are keen to try their hand at the game can join in the Open Beta Test during any of the dates listed above.

We look forward to seeing you in the open beta!

Unite to Fight!

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