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[Jump Force] Patch V2.03, Server Maintenance and New event updates

Thank you for playing Jump Force.
The contents of the update are as follows.

Update Content:
・Added Premium Shop Counter.
・Improved game stability.
・Added missions at Mission Counter.

More additions and updates are scheduled for the future. We hope you continue to enjoy playing Jump Force.

New Event Update

“Premium Shop Counter” and JF Medal” UpdateWe would like to introduce the new “Premium Shop Counter” and “JF Medal” that are implemented.
PlayStation4, Xbox One and Steam
*We will later on inform regarding Nintendo Switch version.

■ Opening of the Premium Shop Counter
We have opened the Premium Shop Counter, where you can use JF medals. At the shop, you can trade in JF medals for all sorts of items, so please so check it out.

■ Implementation of JF Medal
JF medal could be traded with avatar outfits, accessories and more items at Premium Shop Counter.

*JF medals will also be handed out in the game in the future. We hope you continue to enjoy JUMP FORCE.
“Premium Shop Counter Inaugural Login Bonus” Event
We are hosting a “Premium Shop Counter Inaugural Login Bonus!!”
*You can exchange JF medals at the Premium Shop Counter for items such as avatar outfits, accessories and more!

PlayStation4, Xbox One and Steam

■ Log-in Bonus Period
2020/10/22 GMT+8 – 2020/11/20 22:59 GMT+8

■Log-in Bonus Reward
3,500 JF medals
*Reward can be earned at the Reward Counter.
*Reward will be available for 30 days after the reward is distributed at the “Reward Counter.”

Server Maintenence

JUMP FORCE will undergo system maintenance during the following time. During maintenance, all online functions will not be accessible. We apologize for the inconvenience in advance.

PlayStation4, Xbox One, Steam
■ Maintenance Period

10/22/20 7:30AM – 10/22/20 5:00PM (GMT+8)

*Based on progress, maintenance may be shortened or extended without prior notice.
We hope you continue to enjoy JUMP FORCE.


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