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JUMP FORCE – Shoto Todoroki Update, Patch 2.01 and Upcoming Boss Raid + Clan Entry Campaign Event

Shoto Todoroki will be released on 5/26/2020

Dear Jump Fans,

Along with Shoto Todoroki, there is a patch V2.01 and upcoming Boss Raid event + Clan Entry campaign that will be updated. Please see below for more information.

Shoto Todoroki DLC Release Date5/26/2020
Patch V2.01A new patch will be released for JUMP FORCE on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via STEAM.
The patch will include additional contents and improve the game stability.

■Release Date
Week of May 18th 2020

Update Content:
■ Added missions at Mission Counter.
■ Improved game stability.

More additions and updates are scheduled for the future.
Boss Raid EventThe following is an announcement of the event schedule.

■ Event
Raid Boss Battle

■ Period
2020/5/22 14:00 – 2020/6/5 13:59 GMT+8

■ Reward Distribution Time
After 2020/6/5 14:00 GMT+8

■ Rewards
First Prize
Lemillion Costume (Top)
Lemillion Costume (Bottom)
Lemillion Costume (Hands)
Lemillion Costume (Feet)
Ochaco Costume (Top)
Ochaco Costume (Bottom)
Ochaco Costume (Hands)
Ochaco Costume (Feet)
Umbras Cube x5

Second Prize
Lemillion Costume (Bottom)
Lemillion Costume (Hands)
Lemillion Costume (Feet)
Ochaco Costume (Bottom)
Ochaco Costume (Hands)
Ochaco Costume (Feet)
Event Ticket x20
Attack Boost (L) x5

Thrid Prize
Lemillion Costume (Hands)
Lemillion Costume (Feet)
Ochaco Costume (Hands)
Ochaco Costume (Feet)
Event Ticket x5
Attack Boost (L) x1
Health Boost (L) x1

Raid Boss Battles are limited-time events.

You can team up with members of your clan to take on Raid Bosses Event Tickets are required.
You must be in a clan to participate. Event Tickets may be purchased from the Shop.

In this event, you use Event Points earned by defeating Raid Bosses to compete with other players.
You can check your rank on the leaderboard.

Save up enough Event Points and you’ll earn rewards! You can check the rewards at the Event Counter.

The weak point for this Raid Boss is fire. Beat the Raid Boss to climb the leaderboards!
Clan Entry campaignThe following is an announcement regarding the Clan Entry campaign

■ Period
2020/5/22 15:00 – 2020/6/5 14:59 JST
2020/5/22 08:00 – 2020/6/5 07:59 CEST
2020/5/21 23:00 – 2020/6/4 22:59 PDT

Lemillion Hair
Chat Template Let’s do a Raid Boss Battle!
Chat Template In a Raid Boss Battle!
Chat Template Requesting aid for Raid Boss Battle!
Chat Template Activating a Clan Boost!
Chat Template Can we get a Clan Boost?
Chat Template Almost there!
Chat Template One last push!
Chat Template I’m out of tickets…
Chat Template We got this, team!

■How to Enter
Players who belong to a clan can pick up their reward
from the Rewards Counter during the event period.

You can create or join a clan at the Clan Counter.

Players who already have a clan must login during the event period
in order to be eligible to receive their reward.

Please be aware that even if you have a clan, you will not be
eligible to receive your reward if you do not login
during the event period.

You will have 30 days to pick up your reward
from the Rewards Counter after they have been distributed.

Rise up J-Force members and join the campaign!
We hope you continue to enjoy playing Jump Force.


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