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JUMP FORCE – Version 1.04 Patch Notes


  • Improved game stability.
  • Added 27 purchasable costumes at Shop Counter.
  • Character balance adjustments.


Adjusted Ryo Saeba’s Double Rocket Launcher’s homing performance

  • If later Double Rocket Launcher was activated while former Double Rocket Launcher’s bullet is in the battle, the former’s bullet explodes.

Adjusted Ryo Saeba’s Throw against a male character

  • He throws the opponent further.

Adjusted Ichigo Kurosaki’s Piercer of Heavens: Moon Fang Cross Blast’s homing performance

  • Adjusted tracking time and homing performance.

Adjusted Ichigo Kurosaki’s support attack “Piercer of Heavens”

  • His support attack: “Piercer of Heavens” only launches 1 attack instead of 2 attacks.

Adjusted behaviour on DIO’s Checkmate’s additional attack   

  • Adjusted opponent’s knock-back distance after additional attack is hit.

Adjusted Shiryu’s Rising Dragon Punch ‘s behaviour on hit

  • Shortened Shiryu’s recovery time after the attack hits.

Adjusted homing performance on Gon’s down smash (max charge)

  •  Shortened opponent’s block stun against Rush 1, 2 and Heavy 1.


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