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JUMP FORCE – Vertex Event and Clan Entry Campaign 8th July

Thank you for playing Jump Force. The following is an announcement regarding the Vertex Event and Clan Entry campaign.

Vertex Event■ Period
2020/7/8 14:00 – 2020/7/22 13:59 GMT+8

■ Reward Distribution Time
After 2020/7/22 14:00 GMT+8

■ Rewards
1st Place
Itachi Costume (Top)
Itachi Costume (Feet)
Konan Hair
Kakashi Forehead Protector & Mask

2nd Place
Itachi Costume (Feet)
Konan Hair
Kakashi Forehead Protector & Mask

3rd Place
Kakashi Forehead Protector & Mask

Work together with your clanmates to gather Clan Points.
Compete with other clans to increase your rank!
■ Clan Points can be earned by battling, purchasing items in shops, or performing various challenges in the game.
■ You can check how many Clan Points you have in the Vertex section of the leaderboard.

At the end of the event period, the clans in each rank will be grouped based on the number of clans that participated.
Clans in the upper group will be promoted, while clans in the lower group will be demoted.

Rank Up Conditions
Bronze: Top 50% Promoted to Silver
Silver: Top 20% Promoted to Gold
Gold: Top 5% Promoted to Platinum

Rank Down Conditions
Silver: Bottom 20% Demoted to Bronze
Gold: Bottom 20% Demoted to Silver
Platinum: Bottom 20% Demoted to Gold
Clan Entry Campaign■ Period
2020/7/8 14:00 – 2020/7/22 13:59 GMT+8

Jonin Costume (Top)
Jonin Costume (Bottom)
Jonin Costume (Hands)
Jonin Costume (Feet)
Chat Template Let’s do a Raid Boss Battle!
Chat Template In a Raid Boss Battle!
Chat Template Requesting aid for Raid Boss Battle!
Chat Template Activating a Clan Boost!
Chat Template Can we get a Clan Boost?
Chat Template Almost there!
Chat Template One last push!
Chat Template I’m out of tickets…
Chat Template We got this, team!

■How to Enter
Players who belong to a clan can pick up their reward from the Rewards Counter during the event period.
You can create or join a clan at the Clan Counter. Players who already have a clan must login during the event period in order to be eligible to receive their reward.

Please be aware that even if you have a clan, you will not be eligible to receive your reward if you do not login during the event period. You will have 30 days to pick up your reward from the Rewards Counter after they have been distributed.

Rise up J-Force members and join the campaign.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Jump Force.


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