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Latest message from Tomizawa, the producer of Tales of ARISE

Tomizawa, the producer of Tales of ARISE has just updated his blog today after the game’s promotion re-heat last week. The following is an English translated message from the official blog post:

Hello everybody, my name is Tomizawa, the producer of Tales of ARISE.

Last week, we re-initiated the “Tales of ARISE” promotions around the world.

  • Release date confirmed: 9 September 2021
  • Additional announcement of supporting Playstation®5、XBOX series X|S
  • Revealed product information including each special edition.
  • Revealed new characters, “Rinwell” and “Law”.
  • Revealed 4 types of trailers and screenshots.

We have revealed all of the above information at once, but has everyone checked everything?

First of all, I would like to apologize for not being able to deliver any information since our last blog post in June last year announcing that the game release window will be changed from 2020 to “undetermined”.

During this time, the development team has made best efforts to complete the game development at the best possible quality while minimizing the effects of Covid-19. At the same time, the development team has been able to support next gen consoles as well, as part of the reasons of having fans wait all this time.

In parallel, our marketing teams around the world have been working together in preparation of delivering information leading up to the launch of the game.

Normally, we would have carried out face to face internal discussions through business trips to our respective offices, but with the implementation of online meetings, the number of discussions have actually increased, leading to more frequent and fruitful meetings, allowing us to simultaneously launch a “Tales of” series game globally for the first time.

As a result, we have prepared 4 types of trailers to inform you of the game from multiple angles, but today, I would like to spend a little more time providing details and in depth supplemental information about the game.

<A world striving for the break of dawn>

The story of this game, literally starts “before dawn”.

Many of the screenshots revealed the use melancholy, or fierce tones and color palettes, and a lot of the facial expressions of the characters are often sad or lacking excitement.

The situation of Dahna after being ruled by Rena for over 300 years, is not a bright world by any means, and the countries are divided, being deprived of each other’s information.

With an outstanding technological advantage, all those being ruled have forfeited the will to resist, and the people and lands of Dahna have been exploited under the rule of Rena.

The story of Alphen and Shionne begins in an area in this world, in the ever burning country of “Orbus Calaglia”, where the Astral Energy of fire is being collected.

On the other hand, the second country we have revealed, “Cyslodia”, is the complete opposite and is a land deprived of light in intense cold.

During their journey to Cyslodia, they meet two characters. A Dahnan girl named “Rinwell” who is capable of using Astral Artes, which is supposed to be only usable by the Renans, and a Dahnan boy “Law”, who is a member of a Renan police force acting as a leader of its people.

They too are in a complex situation as a result of the rule of Rena.

Please look forward to finding out why and how they join Alphen and Shionne on their journey.

Even through the drama of the complex and difficult situations, the traditional heartwarming character interactions of the “Tale of” series will continue to be an important part of this title, and so as a message to our long time Tales of fans, please do not be worried.

We will gradually share the many unique angles of each of the characters along with their friendly nature and interactions as something to look forward to in our campaign.

<Elements that can be seen through the game play videos>

As a part of our footage reveal, we have shown glimpses of the venues and battle experiences. We plan to dive into more details of the new systems implemented, but for users specifically interested in the battle systems, I’m sure there are many aspects that may have caught your attention.

I can’t give you too many details at this time but I’m guessing that the speed of battles is something that may have caught your eye.

This title has continued to focus on the feel of battles through improved input response, counter attacks that follow evasions, and the connections of each character actions. On the other hand, we have also emphasized breaking away from “managing the gauges and fighting against the gauges” sensation. We have designed the game making sure that the gauge management is kept simple and to a minimum, so that players can focus on more instinctive gameplay.

Of course, the growth attributes of a typical RPG are properly implemented, and players should be able to enjoy skill mapping alongside many other features in order to feel personal improvements in battle techniques and gameplay skills. Further, the two character interaction techniques that we have revealed, “Boost Attack” and “Boost Strike”, should also help support the player’s sense of character individuality during party battles, in terms of both battle strategy and performance.

This battle system has been implemented in hopes that players can better sense the capability of being able to control the key battle points of each character as a component of the multi character melee battle system. I hope to be able to provide a way for players to directly feel how this system works instead of just through the footage we provide.

One other thing. There may be people who have noticed the character visual expression themes when seen in the battles and environments. With our base goal of “maintaining the traditional series’ core values and simultaneously updating to a current day, smooth game experience”, our aim is to “have the players naturally feel the bond that connects the party members, not just through event scenes and skits, but through the overall gaming experience”.

On top of this, we have “vastly strengthened the “Short Chat” that is inserted in the field experiences and battle sequences”. For example, not limited to special instances such as boss battles, during each and individual battle and post battle sequences, as well as during field exploration moments, various character voiced short chat instances will be initiated. These chats will be composed of regular day to day conversations between characters, or sometimes hints to conquer missions, or even dramatic conversations that may have a bigger impact than event demos.

What we want to accomplish through this is “to not have the players play the game in order to watch the drama”, but to gradually evolve in a direction where “players actually feel the drama as their own experience throughout the entire game”. There may be some players who feel a sense of concern after seeing that battles are followed by short chats.

However, through this title, our aim is to evolve the experience from one that results in skipping the scenes after repeatedly watching them multiple times, to one that allows players to constantly feel a sense of freshness to the characters while naturally encouraging them to take steps towards the next journey.

(But as a side note, the footage that we have shown you this round is just a mere preview of the journey that lies ahead, and only a portion of the characters have been introduced, potentially taking away from feeling the “likeness” of the series).

These types of challenges have been carried out with clear direction, hopes and determination of providing something current, and real to the players as compared to previous iterations within the “Tales of” series. Each design and challenge may be difficult to grasp through one off explanations, but there are many more features outside of what we have shown you today, such as graphic improvements, drama and character visualizations, system and game designs, and we hope that all players will be able to sense the efforts put towards the rebirth and evolution within the “Tales of” series.

There are probably many opinions for each individual element. However, the Arise team has been developing this game with the goal of achieving the fine balance between providing a new, evolutionary experience and at the same time inheriting the traditional “Tales of like” sense of comfort. We hope that everyone looks forward to seeing how these two pieces have fit together in the final product.

Now, in the information revealed in April, there are many other points that can be noticed, and I can keep going on to explain each part, but the purpose of today’s post is to communicate the overarching design philosophy behind this project, and so I will stop here for now.

Leading up to the launch in September, we will continue to deliver more and more information, and it would be greatly appreciated to hear reactions and receive support from everybody.

If there is anything that you would like explained in more detail through this blog, (where I will most likely dive the deepest within our promotional activities), please let us know. We always look forward to hearing from our fans.

Thank you and please look forward to more information related to “Tales of ARISE”!

– “Tales of ARISE” Producer Tomizawa

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