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NARUTO TO BORUTO SHINOBI STRIKER – Update Patch Ver 1.08 Notification (18 Oct, 2018)

Update patch 1.08 includes the following updates and balance changes.
Update Patch 1.08 Changelist

Added ‘Beginner Match’

  • A new ‘Beginner Match’ option has been added to the Hokage’s Office.
  • These matches are Quick Matches that can only be accessed by people lower than level 50 who are not currently in a group.

    Matchmaking Improvements
    Matchmaking has had improvements in the following areas:

    Matchmaking Logic

  • Matchmaking logic was updated to better take player skill into account when creating groups.

    Matchmaking Menu
    The information displayed on the matchmaking screen has been updated as follows:

  • The Battle Settings menu can now be opened directly from the Matchmaking menu.
  • Players’ level is no longer displayed and has been replaced with their Title.
  • The enemy team members’ role icons are no longer displayed.
  • Each players’ player information has been replaced with their platform profile information.
    (Matchmaking menu only)

    Ninjutsu, Secret Technique balancing

  • To increase the number of viable jutsu options for players to use and the variety of battles
    players can enjoy, a number of ninjutsu and secret techniques have had their numbers and
    mechanics tweaked.


    Secret Technique: Massive Rasengan

  • Number of hits increased.
  • Damage increased.


    Ninjutsu: Fire Style: Flame Bombs

  • Damage increased.

    Ninjutsu: Lightning Shuriken Net

  • New effect added: places a debuff on the target that reduces their attack power.

    Secret Technique: Fire Style: Giant Flame Bombs

  • Number of hits increased.
  • Damage per hit slightly decreased.
    * Total overall damage is increased.

    Secret Technique: Totsuka Blade

  • Area of effect for flames increased.


    Ninjutsu: Earth Style: Petrifying Jutsu

  • Now grants the user a buff that increases their defense.
    Ninjutsu: Partial Expansion Jutsu

  • Damage increased.
  • Enemy knockback distance when hit increased.


    Ninjutsu: Shadow Possession Jutsu

  • New effect: causes the target’s substitution and ninjutsu abilities to go on cooldown.
  • New effect: places a debuff on the target that reduces their movement speed.
  • Damage increased.

    Ninjutsu: Shadow Stitching Jutsu

  • Startup animation time reduced.

    Secret Technique: Uchiha Shuriken Jutsu: Spring Storm

  • Damage increased.

    Secret Technique: Shadow Pull Jutsu

  • Damage increased.
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