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New DLC for SD GUNDAM G GENERATION CROSS RAYS is now available on PlayStation®4/Nintendo Switch™/STEAM®​

Check out the new introductory PV to find out more about DLC

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia today announced the release of two new DLCs for the SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays – paid DLC “Additional Dispatch Mission Set ①” as well as the first free DLC “Sisquiede AEUG Color” Production List Registration Access & additional character “Sig Wednner” – for the PlayStation®4 / Nintendo Switch™ / STEAM®

Furthermore, check out the newly released PV that introduces the battle scenes of new units and characters recorded in the “Additional Dispatch Mission Set ②” that is scheduled for delivery in January 2020.

DLC “Additional Dispatch Mission Set ①” is now available!
“Season Pass” with Additional Dispatch Mission Set ① to ④ are also on sale!


Additional Dispatch: After War Gundam X, The Dream I Once Saw Mission!

Additional Dispatch: ∀ Gundam, The Wind of Turn A Mission!

Additional Dispatch: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Stand Up Mission!

Additional Dispatch Mission reward details
※Exclusive rewards available upon mission clear

Cool Down items ×6
【Unit】Gundam X
【Character Ability】Blazing Mobile Suit Pilot
【Character】Tiffa Adill(Voice:Yukana)
【Character】Garrod Ran(Voice:Wataru Takagi)
UnitGundam Double X

Cool Down items ×6
【Character】Sochie Heim(Voice:Akino Murata)
【BGM】Koujiku no Nazoru Mono
【Character】Poe Aijee(Voice:Yumiko Nakanishi)
【BGM】Turn A Turn
【Character】Loran Cehack(Voice:Romi Park)
【Unit】Turn A Gundam

Cool Down items ×6
【Unit】Gundam AGE-1 Normal
【BGM】Gundam AGE~100 Nen no Monogatari
【Character Ability】Determination to be a Savior
【Character】Flit Asuno(Voice:Toshiyuki Toyonaga)
【BGM】Kimi no Naka no Eiyuu

Release Anniversary! Free DLC vol.1 “Sisquiede AEUG Color” Production List Registration Access & Additional Character “Sig Wednner” are now available!

[Free DLC vol.1 ]
① “Sisquiede (AEUG) Color”
② Additional Character “Sig Wednner”

※It is necessary to purchase the full game in order to enjoy this content. Latest update patch is required for the game to run properly.

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays is available for the PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™ and STEAM® for PC with English subtitles and Japanese voice-over for Southeast Asia.

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