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NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTER ‘GANRYU’ & ‘LEROY SMITH’ ‘Frame Data Display’ Available Now!

Upcoming new playable character “Fahkumram” Character Trailer also revealed!

SINGAPORE – 10th December 2019  BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce that the premier 3D fighting series TEKKEN 7 launched for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC via Steam™ will have its paid DLC 11 playable character Ganryu, paid DLC 12 playable character Leroy Smith and paid DLC 13 Frame Data Displayare available today. The individual playable character trailer has also been revealed.

In addition, new trailer of upcoming paid DLC 14 playable character Fahkumram has also been released. Details about New Stage in paid DLC 15 are also shared today. From 10th December, there will be new techniques added for each character, plus free update with addition and adjustment to various modes. Full details are available on TEKKEN 7 official website (https://tk7.tekken.com).


In Season 3, following DLC 10 ZafinaGanryuLeroy and Fahkumram will also appear as playable characters. In addition, “Customized Item Set” will be included as a bonus for Season Pass 3 for players who have purchased Season Pass 3!

Season Pass 3 Content

  • DLC 10: Playable Character Zafina
  • GanryuDLC 11: Playable Character
  • LeroyDLC 12: Playable Character
  • DLC 13: Frame Data Display
  • FahkumramDLC 14: Playable Character
  • DLC 15: New Stages

Season Pass 3 Bonus – Customization Item Set

  • Character Customization Set
  • Player Customization Set

* There will be no stand-alone sales or distribution at a later date.

Paid DLC 11 Playable Character – Ganryu

Name: Ganryu
Nationality: Japanese
Fighting Style: Sumo
View DLC 11 Ganryu Trailer: https://youtu.be/pwO7Ubvh5Wg

In an effort to gather some much-needed publicity for his restaurant “Chanko Paradise,” Ganryu entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. As a result, Chanko Paradise’s popularity soared, and Ganryu found himself busy tending to his newfound success.

One day, an online video caught his eye… Julia Chang had started a crowdfunding campaign for her reforestation program and was seeking supporters. Determined to help his beloved Julia, Ganryu quickly moved to support her campaign. Although, in his exuberance, he accidentally donated all of his restaurant’s earnings to her cause.

Unable to cancel his contribution, Ganryu and his restaurant were suddenly faced with a crisis. After racking his brain to come up with a way to raise the money, he decided to become an online video personality much like Julia herself.

However, despite being one of the only sumo personalities online, he had trouble getting enough viewers to monetize his fledging efforts. It was then that Ganryu noticed that Heihachi Mishima was once again holding The King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Ganryu decided to wear an extravagant costume and compete in the tournament in order to bring attention to himself and boost his subscriber count, while the prize money would instantly solve all of his financial problems.

Without a moment to lose, Ganryu immediately got to work creating his costume.

Paid DLC 12 Playable Character – Leroy Smith

Name: Leroy Smith
Nationality: USA
Fighting Style: Wing Chun
View DLC 12 Leroy Trailer: https://youtu.be/GVzQLLnFoLk 

Nearly a half century ago, the city of New York was overrun with countless gangs whose members numbered in the hundreds of thousands. With both the police and politicians in the gangs’ pockets, nobody was able to stop their rampage, and the general public was left with no choice but to try to survive the chaos.

As the gangs looked to expand their control over the city, it often led to violent clashes between them, which eventually erupted into all-out war. The streets were overtaken by gunfire, resulting in numerous casualties amongst young and old, man and woman alike. Explosions and deadly fires erupted throughout the city, turning the once vibrant streets of New York into a war-torn hellscape.

At the time, a young boy named Leroy Smith lost his entire family to the violence. Leroy was also badly injured by the gunfire and fell into a river, eventually getting swept out to sea, where he was rescued by a merchant vessel who took him in. As he drifted in and out of consciousness, Leroy was angry at his own helplessness and harbored a desire for revenge against the ruthless gangs that had taken his family from him.

And so, he left America behind and traveled the world until he came across the fighting art known as wing chun in the streets of Hong Kong. Leroy was fascinated by this martial art that was designed to face multiple opponents while using superior combat expertise to render one’s attackers powerless. He decided to stay in Hong Kong in order to learn the mysterious fighting style.

Many years passed…

Eventually, the incident in New York came to be known as the Big Apple War and 50 years later, although weakened compared to their peak, the gangs still controlled much of the city. Upon learning this, Leroy decided to return to New York in order to avenge his family and finally free his city from the endless grip of fear and violence. Taking it upon himself, Leroy struck at the gangs with extreme force, instantly crippling their power and influence.

Amidst Leroy‘s quest, a gang lord familiar with the old days informed Leroy that it was the Mishima Zaibatsu that was behind the war that tore the city apart a half a century ago. Surprised that the mega conglomerate currently waging a war to split the world in two was also responsible for the atrocities committed so long ago, Leroy nonetheless resolved to eradicate the corporation if it truly was behind all of the evils he had seen.

To carry out his quest, he decided to enter The King of Iron Fist Tournament, which was organized by the Mishima Zaibatsu itself.

Paid DLC 13 – Frame Data Display

Detailed display

Frame data display with information such as attack occurrence frame, rigidity difference, status, and distance between opponent are shown. Gain insight into the state of advantages and disadvantages of the characters which can be useful for developing strategies.

Simple display

Status of advantageous and disadvantageous will be indicated in different colors. When in advantage, the character will be in blue while the disadvantage will be in red. Using these indicators, you can quickly grasp your character’s state and intuitively understand the basic attack and defense flow of Tekken.

There are two types of frame data display, detailed display and simple display.

This feature is available in practice mode, warm-up mode waiting for online matches, and online player match and tournament spectator modes.

Paid DLC 14 Playable Character – Fahkumram

Name: Fahkumram
Nationality: Thai
Fighting-style: Muay Thai
View DLC 14 Fahkumram Trailer: https://youtu.be/YxCuFOhiua8

Fahkumram is a Muay Thai fighter who once reigned as a Thai national hero. Fahkumram started learning Muay Thai from a young age and has a conspicuous presence ever since. He was unfortunately struck by lightning at the age of 12, which left him struggling between life and death.

After miraculously surviving the incident, Fahkumram grew into a huge body of well over 2 meters and climbed to the top of Muay Thai champion at the age of 18 using his unrivaled skill and smart tactical thinking. After that, he won all fights and became a national hero as an absolute undefeated champion. Fahkumram later married at the peak of his popularity and built a happy family with his wife and daughter.

When Fahkumram was 24 years old, he was offered an enormous sum of money to be defeated intentionally in a set-up match organised by an anonymous group. Unable to accept this inequitable practice, Fahkumram K.O. the opponent as soon as the match begins. Being defied of the demand, the men attempted to kill Fahkumram, but the tables turned and men were killed instead.

Fahkumram insisted on his right to self-defense after being caught by the police. However, the men who were involved in the set-up match were corrupted military and police officials, which lead to Fahkumram being detained, and his wife and daughter to be placed under house arrest by the military. Fahkumram became a de facto hostage under strict surveillance by the military. He is only allowed to participate in fighting tournaments, which were secretly held in the underside of the society and forced to fight against tigers as a show match. In the days of dreadful treatments and endless fights, Fahkumram gradually became more and more violent, both physically and mentally.

After four years, the fight between Mishima Zaibatsu and Company G intensified all over the world. Seeing the Mishima Zaibatsu as a threat to the country, the military ordered Fahkumram to enter as a national representative and win the tournament called The King of Iron Fist Tournament. In exchange for his family’s freedom, Fahkumram accepted the conditions and participated in the tournament.

Paid DLC 15 – New Stages

We are planning to implement a new stage as paid DLC 15. More information will be released at a later date. Please stay tuned.

TEKKEN 7 Season 3 DLC 11 Ganryu, DLC 12 Leroy Smith, DLC13 Frame Data Display are available now for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC via Steam™.

For more information about TEKKEN 7, please visit the official website https://tk7.tekken.com, or follow BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia on their official social channels:


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