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NI NO KUNI II: REVENANT KINGDOM – First Major DLC “The Lair of the Lost Lord”

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom‘s next DLC “The Lair of the Lost Lord” will be making its way to you soon and we take a first look at what’s new in this upcoming major update.

The main feature of this DLC is the new random dungeon “Labyrinth”. Set at a higher difficulty than the “Faraway Forest”, players can challenge themselves and score some worthy rewards. Additionally, the DLC brings with it a brand new “Martial Method” system introducing a completely different fighting style and a plethora of other contents such as new weapons, and quests that tell the past of the main characters.

Introducing “Labyrinth”, the new random dungeon!

A mysterious gate has suddenly appeared in the Rubby Ruins, which leads to the “Labyrinth”, the chaotic root of the tainted.

Prince of Wraiths, the ruler of the labyrinth is planning to use the taint to destroy Evan’s kingdom, Evermore, and it is up to Evan to step into the Labyrinth and put a stop to it.

The labyrinth was made a long time ago, but over the course of time have become a chaotic dungeon. The taint flooding from the gate indicates the terror lying in wait below in the labyrinth. What could possibly be waiting at the end of the dungeon?

Challenge the new boss, “Prince of Wraiths”
Players can now challenge the “Prince of Wraiths”, who was once the king of Ebbswane, a kingdom that used to exist in the Heartlands. Many have tried to take on this mysterious ruler of the Labyrinth, but none has made it back alive.

The taint seems to have made the king into the “Prince of Wraiths”, but what could his purpose be?

New ”Martial Method” system

The new “Martial Method” system  is designed to enhance the player’s battle style and is obtainable from memories of people you meet throughout your journey. What would this new system bring to the battle style?

More than 80 new equipment items

More than 80 new weapons and armors will be added in the new DLC.
While one shines bright as a jewel, another unleashes an ominous aura…

Additional new quests for main characters

Not much has been revealed about the past of Evan’s friends, but newly added quests would reveal the back story of the main characters!

Rematch with the “??????”

Challenge yourself by having a rematch with the boss you once fought in the main story.

Keep an eye out on the portal for more details as we draw nearer to the release date!

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