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[Nintendo Switch] JUMP FORCE Deluxe Edition Released Date Confirmed

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce the release date for Nintendo Switch™ JUMP FORCE Deluxe Edition on 27 August 2020! Stay tuned and watch the unveil of the 2nd trailer!

■27 August 2020 release date confirmed! Pre-order and get your hands on the luxurious Early Purchase Bonus! 

The Early Purchase Bonus in the PKG version includes Frieza’s small pod that you can ride in the online lobby, three in-game avatar suits (tops) from “One Piece,” “Dragon Ball,” and “Naruto,” as well as an item set useful in the beginning of the game!

Nintendo Switch version 『JUMP FORCE Deluxe Edition 』 PKG version/ Digital Version


【Early Purchase Bonus Content】

Download Code for 3 bonuses

1Frieza’s Small Pod
23 Avatar Suits
– Frieza Soldier’s Battle Jacket
– Pirate Coat
– Fourth Hokage Cloak
3Item set useful in the beginnning of the game
4JUMP Logo T-shirt
5Pirate Logo T-shirt
6V JUMP Hoodie

* All bonuses are in-game items.
* Contents and specifications may be subjected to change without prior notice.
* Images are for illustration purposes.
* Bonuses are in limited quantities.
* A sticker is affixed to the exterior film of the physical product with the bonus.
* Bonus is only available in the initial production and in limited quantities which will only be available while stock last. Only available at selected retailers. Please contact your local retailers for more details.
* The bonus may be released at a later date.
* Internet connection and Agreement to the Nintendo Account Terms and Conditions are required to use the download code.
* Download Code is usable only once on 1 Nintendo Switch™ console and is valid till 26 August 2021
* Bonus will be included in the Digital version downloaded by 23 September 2020.

■More information in the 2nd trailer!

We are also releasing the 2nd trailer with more details about “JUMP FORCE Deluxe Edition,” so please check it out as well.

■Nintendo Switch version features

The Nintendo Switch version can be played differently than the PS4 version and the Xbox One version. 1 Nintendo Switch can have up to 6 people playing in an offline battle. In addition, all additional 9 characters from the character pass are included in the Deluxe Edition.

Point 1: Enjoy Local Communication Battles and Offline Battles with up to 6 players!

The Nintendo Switch version allows local communication battle with two consoles connected. Also, offline battle allows up to 6 people to play with one console in TV mode or tabletop mode.

*One controller is required for each player.

*Up to 2 people can play in a local communication battle. 

Point 2: All 9 characters from the DLC “Character Pass” are included!

In the Deluxe Edition, all 9 additional characters from the Character Pass from the PS4 and Xbox One version will be available from the start of the game. [FR2] 

*The characters from “Character Pass 2” are not included.


JUMP FORCE features the World’s most popular and classic manga/anime franchises including DRAGON BALL Z, ONE PIECE, NARUTO, and many others. Players will be able to create their three-character manga/anime dream tag team and take them into battle in hyper-stylish arena brawls set against backdrops of famous landmarks around the world including New York City’s Times Square and the Matterhorn in the Alps. Utilizing Unreal Engine 4, JUMP FORCE brings these titans of Japanese pop culture to life for the first time ever in stunning realistic detail.

TitleJUMP FORCE Deluxe Edition
Release Date27 August 2020
Platform(s)Nintendo Switch™
SRP64.90 SGD
GenreBattle Action
No. of playersOffline: 1-6
Online: 1-2
Copyrights ©JUMP 50th Anniversary
©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Official Website https://ce-f-jump.bn-ent.net/

* Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch logo, and Joy-con are registered trademarks of Nintendo.

* YouTube is the registered trademark of Google LCC.

* Please understand that the information is accurate as of the date of publication. Some contents may be changed without prior notice.

* For (R) and (C) in the copyright notice, please indicate as ® or ©.


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