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An update has been implemented today to address some issues and improve the game experience.

For the full list of adjustments, please refer below:

  • Added Challenge Mission. See Tutorial for details.
  • Difficulty increased when Save Data is loaded after completing the game.
  • Tashigi, Fujitora, and Kizaru will now appear in the field.
  • When Save Data is loaded after completing the game, four groups of stronger pirates with dual names will appear.
  • Added Equipment Skills: Effects that come with equipment
  • Chests with plans will appear in the field when Save Data is loaded after completing the game.
  • Added map icons to show where the Omni-Cannon is located and where to change outfits and create equipment.
  • Challenge Mission icons now remain on the map even if they have been completed.
  • Item icons on the mini-map now appear on top when overlapping with the player icon.
  • Text fixes.
  • Improved operational stability.
  • Opened some prohibited areas for recording

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