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SCARLET NEXUS Anime Linkage Feature – Quests for Hidden Codes

From 1st July, SCARLET NEXUS TV anime series is coming to Southeast Asia, simulcast same day as Japan!

When anime episodes start to be broadcasted, quests for hidden codes will be made available in the game. Search for hidden codes in the anime episodes and figure the correct answer! (Every episode includes one unique code for input)

Enjoy SCARLET NEXUS TV anime series on the following platform across Southeast Asia:
Ani One Asia(Southeast Asia, Central Asia)
・True Digital(Philippines)
・meWATCH, Catchplay(Singapore)
・Bilibili(Southeast Asia)

Talk to the NPC Musubi and tell her the correct password, deciphered from the hidden codes you have found to receive a in-game gift as a reward!

For quests for hidden codes, for every episode broadcasted a new quest will be added into the game, so please do check out the anime and enjoy it alongside with the game!

※Players need to update the game to the newest version in order to access this game content.
※Quests will be made available after Phase 2.

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