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SD Gundam G Generation Cross Ray Update Ver 1.20

PlayStation®4/Nintendo Switch™/STEAM®
SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays』 update patch release schedule
▼Update Patch Version
▼PS4/NSW version update patch release tentative date
 8 January 2020
▼STEAM version update patch release tentative date
 9 January 2020
▼Updated Patch
・Added support for following DLC in “Added Dispatch Mission Set 2”
┗Added Dispatch: After War Gundam X, For the Coming Generation Mission!
┗Added Dispatch: ∀ Gundam, Unstoppable Wind Mission!
┗Added Dispatch: Reconguista in G, Bellri’s War and Aida’s Decision Mission!
┗Added Dispatch: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Endless Times Mission!
・Fixed bug where players are unable to obtain rewards such as units, characters, BGM, character’s abilities, etc after completing the group dispatch mission.
※For players who have encountered this abnormality will not be able to receive the rewards even after the update patch. Please try again by re-dispatching your group for missions to obtain the rewards.
Characters and BGMs will be obtainable through completing group dispatch mission after the applying update patch.
・Fixed bug where the initial status would increase or decrease when using ” Refund” of the Upgrade Points which can be obtained when leveling up a unit.
・ Fixed bug where the player could not proceed when performing certain operations in STAGE11 “Revealed Intentions ” of “Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans”.
・Improved game stability and others.
The STEAM® version Season Pass and 『Additional Dispatch Mission Set 1 – 4』 are only available in its entirety. We regret to inform that the dispatch missions are not available separately.
Regarding the confirmed abnormality】
We will be investigating the abnormalities that are occurring in this title.
Thank you for your continued support.
・If the game has been running for a long time, please shut down the console.
・Please update the game to the latest version.
・Please reinstall the game.
・【Nintendo Switch™ version only】 Please format the microSD card. If “Analysis Settings” is turned ON, try changing the setting to OFF.
・【STEAM® version only】 Please restart the STEAM® client.
The abnormality can be solved with the methods mentioned above. We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences caused. Thank you for your kind patience.

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SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays

Nintendo Switch , PC , PS4

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