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SOULCALIBUR VI – Nier: Automata’s Combat Android, 2B, Brings Her Blades to SoulCalibur VI

Released just barely over a week ago on 19 October, SoulCalibur VI has already been lighting up the internet thanks to the brilliance of innovative players and their masterfully crafted characters. Just when you thought that the fun stops there, a new character entry will be adding on to the hype and promises more hours of enjoyment within the game.

Fans of Nier: Automata will be pleased to know that 2B will be joining the battle of souls and swords in SOULCALIBUR VI – out now for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC Digital.

2B will be a playable fighter in Versus mode, Arcade mode and Online matches – and comes with her own stage, background music and character customisation elements. She’ll come as part of the SOULCALIBUR VI Season Pass or to download as a standalone character.

More information on the release date to be revealed soon.


Name: 2B (Official Designation: YoRHa No. 2 Type B)
Sex: Android (Female)
Birthplace: The Bunker
Height: 168cm (including heels)
Weight: 148.8kg
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: N/A
Weapon: Small Sword & Large Sword
Weapon Name: Virtuous Contract & Virtuous Treaty
Fighting Style: Autonomous Anti-Machine Combat Android
Companions: Tactical Support Unit Pod 042, Maintenance Unit 9S


It was a peculiar mission.

Destination: Confidential.
Duration: Indefinite.
Objective: To be delivered upon arrival.

The location 2B arrived in was unlike any she had seen before. A search of her language database for an appropriate term returned the words “ancient castle” and this one appeared to have been abandoned long ago. Her sensors detected no machine lifeforms.

“Communication received from Bunker” spoke the robotic voice from 2B’s tactical support pod. “Mission received. Objective: Destroy the hostile entity, Soul Edge.”

“Hostile entity? Not a machine lifeform?” 2B thought aloud. “Not that it matters. If that is the mission, I must complete it.”

Her pod piped up again. “Proposal: Search for target.”

Suddenly, she felt a strange sensation—a twinge—on the back of her neck. She dismissed it as a small glitch in her sensors, but if androids could feel unease, that would be the best description for what she was feeling.


Virtuous Contract is a white blade used by samurai of the East. Virtuous Treaty bears similar patterns to Virtuous Contract on its grip, but is imbued with a deeper, more formal meaning. Both have been carefully tuned for maximum efficiency in the hands of a YoRHa android.

Virtuous Contract has been 2B’s constant companion through countless battles, and she places a great deal of trust in the sturdy sword. Even when forced to abandon her body and activate a new one, she always seeks to recover it.

In truth, there is another reason why she is so loathe to part with her blade: Recorded in the memory circuits of Virtuous Contract is the data from all her battles and missions. It is said this is related to a secret mission entrusted to her, but this theory has not been verified.


YoRHa fighting techniques are designed for combat against machine lifeforms. Installed in exquisitely deadly bodies specially built for the annihilation of their mechanical foes, they employ acrobatic leaps and midair slashes, lightning-fast evasions, and perfectly coordinated strikes with tactical support pods in a complex and flexible combat style.

YoRHa combat androids are capable of wielding multiple weapons at any given time, smoothly switching from one to the other to best suit the situation. Although generally equipped with one small sword and one large sword, they are also adept with spears and other martial weapons.

Combat androids are constantly updated with battle data analysed by YoRHa operators; however, differences in individual units’ abilities do exist. A YoRHa model’s fighting style and skill varies greatly depending on their experience and the missions they’ve completed. 2B, in particular, possesses ability far above that of her Type-B peers.

As a deadly last resort, 2B can also destabilise her reactor core to self-destruct, causing her black box to explode if her situation becomes dire.

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