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EVO Japan 2019 has revealed a cast of characters soon to be joining SoulCalibur VI and Tekken 7, and we take a closer look at these upcoming fighters in their latest trailer videos.


A new face to the Tekken series, Negan from The Walking Dead will be making his debut alongside his trusty barbed-wire bat, Lucille, and he’s set to take on anyone foolish enough to stand in his way. Fans will also be delighted to know that Negan will be joined by Julia, a familiar name in the series, so be sure to check the both of them out in the trailer.


Julia Chang climbed into the ring as the mysterious masked woman “Jaycee”, as a substitute for her childhood friend who was injured in a car accident.

Being truly strong, she was disliked by her opponents and even the audience started to view her as a heel, and she increasingly faced intense booing from the crowd.

After removing her mask, she changed her hairstyle, wore glasses, and concentrated on expanding her reforestation efforts around the globe so that no one would recognize her out of the ring.

As her reforestation project required plenty of capital, she started a crowdfunding campaign but had failed to gain a sufficient amount of visibility.

It was at that time that media began speculating that Kazuya Mishima was actually Devil. This gave Julie an idea; if she managed to beat Kazuya, she would get enough attention to secure enough funds for her reforestation project to be successful.

With that objective, Julia started her journey to find Kazuya.


The Walking Dead’s Negan, the charismatic leader of the Saviors, brought other communities together under his thumb with the motto, ‘People are a resource’.

One day, Negan received reports that an unknown group had taken out several of his men. Per his standard policy, he enacted a plan to capture them, make an example out of one, and put the rest to work for him. The survivors fell into Negan’s carefully laid trap, but just as he was choosing his victim to serve as an example, the group put up an intense fight and escaped.

Negan worried they would disturb his new world order if he did not deal with them swiftly. Taking his barbed-wire bat Lucille – named after his beloved wife – into his hand, he set out to take care of these foolish ingrates who would challenge his authority.


Amy Sorel, along with her weapon Albion, returns to SoulCalibur VI in DLC4, and will be available as part of the game’s Season Pass.


Name: Amy
Sex: Female
Birthplace: Slums of Rouen, French Empire
Height: 140cm
Weight: 36kg
Date of Birth: Unknown. Met Raphael on October 22nd
Blood Type: Unknown
Weapon: Rapier (small)
Weapon Name: Albion
Fighting Style: Modified La Rapière des Sorel
Relationships: Raphael (foster father & mentor). Biological parents unknown


Born in the slums of Rouen in the French Empire, Amy grew up in a cold world full of violence and cynicism. She quickly became resigned to her circumstances, convinced that hope was nothing more than fuel for despair.

One day, a ruckus erupted within the slums. Amy was on her way back to where she slept when suddenly a man flew out from seemingly nowhere, colliding with her and knocking them both to the ground. The man appeared to be a noble, and Amy wondered what business he had in the slums. The sound of soldiers’ footsteps filled the air. The man was being chased.

It had not been Amy’s intention to help him, and his plight inspired no compassion within her. Amy’s sole interest was to spite the soldiers in return for the cruelty their kind had always shown her, nothing more.

She got them to leave by making up a lie only a pack of foolish soldiers would believe. However, the man was still there, staring at Amy as though he had made a prized discovery. In all her life, no one had ever looked at her like that.

He asked her name and, upon hearing her answer, muttered it several times before beginning to weep. He expressed to her his profound thanks.

Together with the man, who called himself Raphael, Amy left the slums behind. The wheels of fate had been set into motion as Amy began walking her path with her own feet for the first time, now face to face with that which she had rejected for so long: hope.

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