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TEKKEN 7 – Craig Marduk Trailer

Burning with rage, Craig Marduk is eager to challenge Armour King once again to determine their fates. Will you crush bones and become the ultimate champion?

Craig Marduk returns to the ring in TEKKEN 7 for some fierce showdowns, starting December 3, 2018.

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Craig Marduk, the man who killed Armour King.

After he came to blows with Armour King’s younger brother who took the mantle of his deceased brother, they both ended up seriously injuring each another and passing out.

After waking in his hospital bed, Marduk realised that he had strange injection marks on his body but paid no heed to them since nothing felt out of the ordinary as he got up and moved around. He immediately tried to find the current Armour King, but was stopped by King, who insisted Marduk should wait until Armour King had regained consciousness and settle the score in the ring.

Still filled with rage towards his opponent and not satisfied with just a regular fight, he proposed raising the stakes by declaring he would retire from the ring if he lost, or remove Armor King’s mask if he were to win.

Even though his opponent had not yet regained consciousness, Marduk began training for the confrontation that would determine their fates.


Tekken 7

PC , PS4 , XBOX One

Tekken 7

PC , PS4 , XBOX One

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