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TSUM TSUM FESTIVAL – 10 Brand New Party Games!

Discover more from DISNEY TSUM TSUM FESTIVAL in the all-new feature trailer!

Players will be able to tackle 10 brand-new party games (in addition to the classic puzzle game), and collect more than 100 Tsum Tsum, when DISNEY TSUM TSUM FESTIVAL launches for the Nintendo Switch™ later this year.

Enjoy these party games with your friends and family. With 10 to choose from, there’s a mode for everyone! Each game be played offline or online with up to 4 players.

Name Description
Tsum Tsum Puzzle Play the well-known puzzle game in local or online mode
Tsum Maze Collect sparkles whilst avoiding the ghosts! Collect the star and transform into a Giant Tsum Tsum to start fighting back!
Tsum Curling Classic curling game – team up in pairs of two to throw the stone or brush the ice for victory.
Bubble Hockey Air hockey battle with Tsum Tsum in 2 v 2 battles
Ice Cream Stacker Balance the towers of scoops and compete to gain the most points
Egg Pack Coaster Co-ordinate your timings from side to side with up to 4 players to stay on track
Round ‘n’ Round Run ‘Runner’ game where use must use items wisely to collect as many jewels as possible
Spinner Battle Clash against other spinning Tsum Tsum to take down your opponent
Tsum Tsum Mania Team up with the Tsum Tsum to take down UFO targets in this shooting game
Lost Treasure Coin dozer game to challenge with coins you’ve saved in the game. Play well and get new Tsum Tsum!
Tsum Rhythm Rhythm game using Joy-Cons in time with the music

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