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TSUM TSUM FESTIVAL – Release Date 08 Nov, 2019

Disney TSUM TSUM FESTIVAL finally has a release date! The Party Game featuring the iconic Tsum Tsum will make its way to the Nintendo Switch on 08 November, 2019. Get a first glimpse of the mini games in the trailer above.

Disney TSUM TSUM FESTIVAL will bring the highly popular Disney’s plushies to the Nintendo Console for the first time ever, enabling fans all over the world to challenge their friends and family in different party games. Up to 4 players will be able to compete as teams or against each other in party games ranging from Tsum Tsum Mania, where players will aim for UFOs in a shooting game, to Ice Cream Stacker, where they will try to build the biggest ice cream possible by stacking scoops.

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  TV Mode Supported Table Mode Supported Handheld Mode Supported*  Playable Online
Tsum Chase Yes Yes No Yes
Tsum Curling Yes Yes No Yes
Bubble Hockey Yes Yes No Yes
 Ice Cream Stacker Yes Yes No Yes
Tsum Tsum Mania Yes Yes No No
Egg Pack Coaster  Yes Yes No No
Spinner Battle  Yes Yes No Yes
Round ‘n’ Round Run  Yes Yes No Yes
Lost Treasure  Yes Yes No No
Tsum Rhythm Yes Yes No No


  • Puzzle game can be played only on handheld mode (TV mode and Table mode not supported).
  • Joy-Con will be needed from the start the game until playing the puzzle.
*If you play Disney TSUM TSUM FESTIVAL on the Nintendo Switch Lite  you’ll need to connect separate Joy-Con.


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