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Doraemon’s heartfelt farming game that will resonate with all generations is now on PlayStation®4!

Noby and friends carefree and heartwarming farm life begin in Natura, the game’s original town where a mysterious big tree rises. Grow crops and take care of horses, cows, and other animals, all of which are unique to the “”Story of Season”” series. Explore the town, go on adventures, catch bugs, and do many more on the vast map of Natura.

The game is a heartwarming story significant of Doraemon, which revolves around the themes of friendship, hard work, challenge, and the bonds between Noby and the townsfolk. Of course, the “”Secret Gadgets”” will be making its appearance to make farm life even more convenient.

Expect a heartfelt farm game like never before, depicted in a unique, nostalgic, and warm visual presentation.

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